Thursday, July 27, 2017


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Excerpt from Perfect Fall. Please respect the authors copyrights.

Hudson stomped into Sileen’s office and threw a pair of golf gloves on top of the remodeling bid from Starmucker’s Construction she reviewed.

Why had she left her door standing open? Because she needed to listen for customers coming into the store until Rylan came in after school. Grandpap went off to do some repair work with her father on the twelfth hole again because Moxie the Moose slut had led the boys back to her favorite spot.

“Good afternoon.” A lock of Hudson’s hair fell to the middle of his forehead and she wished it was her hand that swept it back, not his.

Stop! She chided the video playing in her mind’s eye where Hudson pulled her into a heated embrace and told her he couldn’t live without her. Holding on to the desk’s edge, she took two seconds to compose herself before she picked up the gloves and stared at him. “What’s this?”

“A challenge.”

Her brow wrinkled with confusion. “What?”

He reached out, picked up one glove and smoothed it over her cheek. “You told me I had no chance at beating you at golf.”

“I did not say that.”

“Not word for word, but you implied it. I’m challenging you to a round. Right here. Right now.”

She was beginning to dislike his coy smile. “I can’t. I’m watching the store.”

“Rylan can watch it.”

“He’s not here,” she told him.

“I’m here, sis,” Rylan called from the other room.

Her wide gaze darted toward the shop. “How—?”

“He came in with me.”

She straightened the pages of the bid, tapping them on her desk. “Good. Now I can really concentrate on my work.”

Hudson crossed his arms over his chest. “You were pulling my leg, weren’t you?” He chuckled. “And here I thought you were serious the other day.”

“I was not lying. I don’t lie.” She really didn’t care for his smug expression.

“Again, prove it!”

Sileen bit down on her jaw. The man knew how to get under her skin. She searched her desk for something of importance to be done before she left for the day, but it was clean, except for the bid on the cabins. She needed to wait until the other two bids came in before her and Grandpap could make a decision. There wasn’t anything that couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

He had no idea what he was in for. She would kick his professional athlete’s ass.



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Saturday, July 1, 2017

I Turned And He Was There

Many years ago, I was like a shaky legged fawn stepping into the world of writing. I had written before, for myself and for my school newspapers, but this new world was totally different and scary as hell. I knew if I was going to survive I would need a strong man by my side so I began my search for the man I knew whose name was Hudson Alan Mitchel.

I searched every store, every street corner, and every office I entered, but I was always disappointed. Yes, there were plenty of men in all those places but none were Hudson.

This went on for months, during which time I began to write his story. It came to me like I was listening to his dreamy baritone voice over the radio. (Yes, at that time there was no podcasts or You Tube channels). Taking long walks and listening to him like we were connected by our cell phones, I learned what he liked and didn’t like. I discovered all of his dreams from childhood and on. I felt his angst over the burdens and problems he carried as a major league ball player. I became aware of whom he trusted and who would but a knife in his back because of his fame. And he revealed to me his most personal desires. He wanted a woman just like me. (Yes, when he told me that, it was a sigh worthy moment.) But sadly, I was blissfully married to my own hero and being the decent guy he was Hudson said he would always be my friend.

But I didn’t have an idea of what he looked like. I knew his heart but not his face.

He assured me that we would meet and soon.

I wanted to meet Hudson so much, face to face, and touch his cheek and let him know that I would do anything to find the woman of his dreams for him. I wanted him as happy as I was. Then, I thought why not start the search for Hudson’s dream woman right away. It would be so great to be the one to orchestrate their cute-meet.

One sunny afternoon, I sat on my patio, flipping through a catalog when Sileen Wright caught my eye. She had long, nutmeg brown hair and dark eyes like I did, but she had a cute button nose like Sandy Bullock and a body I’d need to exercise like ten hours a day for a year to achieve. But physical beauty wasn’t all Sileen had going on for her. Her smile reflected her warm heart and her witty sense of humor. She had a look that told you exactly how she was feeling.

I felt privileged when she told me about her family and her dreams to work for NASBO (National Association of Small Business Owners). However, I picked up on the sadness when she spoke about those dreams. She hid the sadness quickly and I didn’t pry. I knew who could help her figure out her problems¬~the man who I trusted. They were perfect for each other.

Maybe a month after, Sileen and I met, I attended my first big writer’s conference at Penn State’s main campus. For three days, I learned more about the craft from great writers such as Merline Lovelace. ~I love Merline’s work and not because she gave me such great advice. Her writing is wonderful.~ Anyway, my critique partners and I stopped at a local cafĂ© and while we enjoyed Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (I know, I know about the Creamery now!) Hudson appeared. It was love at first sight. Yes, I mean me. But at last, remember I was married. So, it was love at first sight for Sileen and Hudson and their story took off in my imagination.

After years, their story is now going out into the world and you all are among the first to know how it started. Perfect Fall is up on all venues for a preorder price of $.99 now. It will release in four short weeks on July 18, 2017 at $4.99. So, grab your copy today and if you feel like sharing the information with your friends, please do!

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