Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pulling In The Reins

Sometimes I get the feeling if I don’t act now, right now, today, a knocking opportunity will be snagged up by someone and lost to me. This feeling has led me to jump before I was dressed for the part. The end result didn’t lead to good news.

Today we're connected by the world-wide net and this urge to jump can occur almost every day. Because of the technology, our circle of friends is much larger than it was say ten years ago. Hardly a day goes by without someone sharing great news. They final in a contest or won. They've gained the interest of an agent and/or editor, or they actually signed with an agent or sold their work. I don’t know how this is possible. We feel happy for them but in the very same moment we feel something else. Jealousy perhaps or is hope that we too will grab the golden ring. Whichever, it urges us to push our unpolished baby out the door while knowing in our hearts it’s not ready.

There is truth in the old adage PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD and in FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT. Bad first impressions take years and a ton of work to undo. I learned my lesson quickly and now each time I hear someone's good fortune I congratulate them and take my baby for a walk. Only I know when it will be ready for the public's critical eye, and I won't shove it out there just to say it's out for query.

So I’m wondering today, have you felt this way? And if so what made you pull in the reins? And when do you know your baby is ready to be shown off?

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