Tuesday, May 18, 2010

30 Days Until...

Cursor, Cursor, Cursor…

Thirty days. I’m so excited. SEE ME DANCING. A dream is coming true. (No. I’m not going to Disney World, although I really would love to go in July for RWA National Conference, but the money is not in the checkbook this year. ) On June 18, 2010, my Golden Heart Entry, EVIL’S WITNESS, releases from The Wild Rose Press.
It’s been a long 18 months, since I signed the contract to publication. I can’t wait until I hold this book in my hands and smell its pages. Sounds silly, huh? I wonder if its scent is as thrilling like a new car aroma or as precious as a newborn smell. I imagine it’s close, since our works are our babies and we’ve worked our fingers to nubs polishing them.

Anyway over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting free reads— Steph’s and John’s stories before they meet— maybe I’ll even post Victor’s interview. (Did I ever tell you, I fell in love with Victor?) To learn more about the story, jump over to my website, www.autumnjordon.com You can view a trailer there too.
Oh, in the coming weeks, there will be contest information. Everyone likes contests right?

Tomorrow, author Beth Trissel joins me, so please stop by and say hey.
Take care, AJ


  1. I like a gal whose middle name is Trouble. Congrats on the Evil's Witness - great title, by the way. I'll be back tomorrow to visit with you and Beth. :)

  2. Hi, Paisley. Yup that my name. LOL.

    I'm going to kill Blogger. Beth's interview is under this one. Blogger needs to correct thier posting calendat. Please check Beth's interview out.

    And don't forget to follow and stop back. Thanks. WINK