Monday, February 28, 2011

Don't Do It!

Cursor... Cursor..

After watching the faces at the Oscars last night, I pondered this question. Did you ever wonder why your dreams come true for someone else?

Watching them walk away with everything you’ve worked towards can suck the life and creavity out of you, make you lose vision of who you are, and change the course of your life. But what if you both shared the same dream? Do you compare yourself to that person and wonder why them and not you? Do you resent them for their success?

Don’t do it! We all have paths to follow, and each journey is littered with obstacles and pit stops to negotiate. My path might mirror yours for a while, but then branch off in a different direction. Or, I might need to take a break while you continue on. Then again, one of us could meet someone who speeds us like lightening toward our goal.

Whatever the reason, we can’t and shouldn’t compare ourselves. I am who I am and I’m on my path, and you are who you are and on your own journey. What is important is that we believe in ourselves, never stop dreaming, and never stop working toward making our dreams come true.

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