Friday, September 25, 2009

An S Curve AT 100 MPH

Cursor… Cursor…

Have you ever gone on a ride through an S curve at one-hundred MPH?

Life can seem like that dangerous feat sometimes. You’re going along at a nice steady pace, the sun is shining on you, the temperature is perfect and, well, life is just grand. Then out of no where, others surround you. They’re passing you as if you’re standing still. They’re behind you, urging you to get out of their way. Naturally your instinct for self-preservation kicks in and like the blood rushing through your veins you pick up speed, ignoring the possibility you might make mistakes and put yourself in danger.

With fists clenched, you hang on as you sped forward, trying to keep up-get ahead. Realizing you’re headed in the wrong direction, your whole being quakes and you swerve to keep on track. You bump against others and the walls of kismet. You get knocked around and within a short time your ego is bruised. You’re battered. And the destination you were headed toward no longer has the sparkle it had when you started out on your journey. Slowly you make it to the sidewalk of life and stop. What to do?

First, realize getting off the fast track was the smart thing to do. Second, zooming is not meant for everyone. Third, taking your time doesn’t mean you will never make your destination. You will, and you’ll enjoy the journey much more if you strive toward it on your own terms. So relax, set your goal, work at it at your own pace, believe in yourself and enjoy the ride!

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They're offering great words of wisdom. Please stop by.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Last Summer Fling

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Okay we all know summer is nearly over. The BIG YELLOW school bus wheels are going around and around. The sun is setting before the dinner dishes are dried. The air, at least in my part of the country, has that cool it-will-be-good-sleeping feel. And we have a twinge of angst coursing through our veins. Why? Because we know there is one more great summer adventure to be had before the sweatshirts and sweaters take up the hangers in the closet.

I feel the angst and I’m so ready for my escape. I’m thinking Arizona this year. I want to feel the sun on my body, lounge in warm water, read for endless hours and enjoy the excitement of a summer night watching a ball game, after my DH takes me out for dinner of course. No dishes, no laundry, no alarm clock unless it’s for an early golf tee time.

Vacations from everyday chores and responsibilities are so freeing. Your mind and thus your body recharges itself with renewed energy. Escaping the everyday routine is important to your health. Seeing new things, sparks creativity. Smiling and greeting a stranger feels so good. Laughter is healing. Give yourself permission to get out there and act like a kid for a day or two.

So, will it be the shore or a camping trip up into the mountains? Or the amusement and water park? Or tailgating at your team’s game? What are your thoughts and/or plans? I’d love to hear them.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blog interrupted


Sometimes life comes into play and we need to just roll with the punches or go with the flow. (Margie Lawson will kill me for the clinche's) So for today, I need to step back from my cyber-friends and take care of mom. We're off to doctors.

I will be back next week. Until then, take care. AJ