Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who's Got The Moves

Cursor… Cursor… Cursor…

Game plan. The two words have a different meaning for most women and men. When men hear the words at this time of year, they think how their favorite team will take down the opposing team. They plan their fantasy teams and discuss stats at every opportunity. For most women however, ‘game plan’ is a mindset on how we will survive the holidays, getting everything done we need to do and with poise.

Before I crawled out of bed this morning, I mentally laid out my game plan for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast. My plot played out this way. Today, this morning before going to my full-time job, move all excess furniture and plants from dining room. Dust, again, the remaining furniture. Tonight, after dinner and dishes, make pumpkin rolls, pies and cut the veggies for the ton of potato filling I make every year. Tomorrow morning make the filling and etc., etc., etc. The list goes on until the moment I sit down at the table and clasp the hands of my husband and the child who sits on my right and we give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings he has bestowed on us this year and pray for the grace to help others in the coming season.

One time-saving tidbit I picked up this year is to make a Thanksgiving Dinner binder. It’ll help me next year and maybe my daughter and DIL in years to come. Inside, I will put my game plan, complete with my recipes and shopping list. This a great idea, since I’m running back to the grocery store today to get two ingredients which I forgot while shopping this past weekend. Don’t you just hate when you do that?

Also, email or facebook all company coming to put thier tupperware in the car now. Save yourself searching for extra bowls to send leftovers out the door.

So how do you handle the holiday? Do you have a game plan or time-saving hint to share?

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