Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! 2010 Is going to be a year of change, I can feel it. I've always look at change as a good thing. Change happens and we have the opportunity to learn new things. I love the challegne of learning new things.

Have you made your New Year's resoluations yet? Have you set goals for 2010? Before you do read my last post. (GOAL BUSTER)

I'm writing my 2010 goals here for all to view. I will also be printing them out and taping to my daytimer, inside the bathroom, mirror and by my computer at home and at work.

1) I'm going to take more time with friends.
2) I'm going ask myself 'Do I really need this?' before making purchases.
3) I'm going to declutter the house, starting with the holiday decorations I didn't use in years.
4) I'm going to drink more milk and water, less soda, exercise five times a week for at least thirty minutes and lose 15 pounds.
5) I'm going to submit my next book to my editor.
6) I'm going to write my another book.
7) Funds are going to be tight this year, with four weddings (two fo them sons) and new grandbabies coming, so conferences might not be on my calendar, unless the money tree sprouts, but I'm going to take three on-line classes. First one is with Margie Lawson in a few weeks.
8) I'm going to read ten books outside my genre.
9) I'm going to continue journaling. (Read my BarTender In The Sky blog)
10) I'm going to take a lesson from my husband, curve my quick tongue and let go of things I have no control.

Okay, that is enought to keep me busy for 2010 what about you? What are your resoluations or goals? If you'd like to post here, great.


  1. Love your Power Jump-Start for 2010!


    I have three lists of goals: Writing Goals, Writing-Related Goals, and FFF Goals. FFF = Fun, Fitness, Friends. I will critique my goals monthly.

    AJ -- Looking forward to seeing you in class (DSDB? ECE?) -- and to guest blogging for you too.


  2. Thanks, Margie. I like your breakdown of goals. I can't wait until the class begins and to be your host. (((HUGS))

  3. Write smarter...focus...focus...focus.