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Welcome to my blog. I'm so excited. Today seven talented WayBack authors join me, and we're showcasing our cowboys and their ladies' special Valentine moments. We hope their stories bring warmth to your day and ideas to surprise your special valentine.


FINDING THEIR WAY BACK by Cindy Spencer Pape

“This is wonderful,” Freya Malone said as she leaned back on the picnic blanket and let the sun warm her cheeks.

“Well, it’s our first Valentine’s Day,” her husband Zane said, stretching out beside her. “I wanted it to be perfect.” As if to add emphasis, one of the horses tethered to a tree behind them nickered.

“And your mother is thrilled to babysit,” Free added. “I adore Daniel, but it is nice to have a little break.” Not that she was complaining. With Zane’s parents living on the Triple M ranch with them, she had all the help she needed with their three-month-old son.

“Nice to spend a little time alone with my wife,” Zane agreed, leaning down for a kiss. When he’d finished, they were both breathless. Then he pulled a small package from his pocket.

With trembling fingers, she unwrapped it, revealing a heart-shaped turquoise pendant on a heavy silver chain.

“This belonged to my grandmother,” Zane began as he took it from her to clasp the chain around her neck. “My grandfather was an Irish cowboy who saved up and bought some land. He fell in love with a Mexican waitress, and they took a lot of crap from local bigots. But they loved each other until the day they died.”

Tears welled up in Free’s eyes. She loved him so very much. “Thank you.”

His hand cupped her cheek as his dark eyes gazed lovingly into hers. “I know our romance was fast—we never dated, we got married in March, had baby in November. But I wanted to tell you the same thing my Grandad told his wife. I want you to know you’ll always have my heart.”

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One Starlit Valentines:

Hard to believe he’s really here.

Sometimes the unbelievable path her life had taken still amazed Elizabeth. She wiped at the blissful tear tickling her cheek as she watched the large cowboy brush their young daughter’s curls as he softly sang Gretal a lullaby.

The low timbre of his voice rumbled through her chest like the first roll of thunder on a cool spring night. Would there come a time she ever got used to this? She hoped not. These moments were all the more special because of the time they’d already wasted.

When finished, he turned and came to stand before her in the doorway.

“Keep looking at me like that, Lizzy, and I’ll forget about this Valentine’s Day dance and show you what I’d really rather be doing tonight.” His warm lips came down and showed her exactly what he had in mind. “Maybe we could work on giving Gretal a little brother or sister?” he suggested, now nuzzling her neck.

“Well, I planned to save this as your Valentine’s gift tonight,” she managed to sigh out. “But since we’re skipping the party—”

His head pulled back slightly; a roguish grin, curved beneath eyes dark with desire, left her breathless.

“Let’s just say we don’t have to work very hard at all.”

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Lili rolled her neck, weary from twelve hours on her feet in the beauty shop. Today was Valentine’s Day and every regular wanted her hair done for the big night of anticipated romance. From past experience, she knew some gals would be back next week bemoaning their big disappointments. In Lili’s opinion too much importance was placed on the day.

Love was every day. Love was the little things.

By the time she dragged herself home, propped up her aching feet and flicked on the TV, Luc drove up. He’d been out of town on business and looked as bone tired as she felt.

“Hi, beautiful.” He bent, kissed her slow and tender. “Mmm..I’ve missed you,” he said, pulling away to tug off his jacket. Before tossing it, he patted the pocket as if remembering something. “They set candy out at the meeting. Know how much you love a chocolate bar.”

Her heart warmed. Even with his hectic schedule he’d thought of her.

Just then a TV commercial blared. Something about saying it with jewelry, flowers, and greeting cards this Valentine’s Day.

Luc’s shoulders slumped. His dark eyes met hers. “I forgot.”

“No you didn’t.” She smiled at him, unwrapping the chocolate bar, breaking off a piece to savor while he sat down next to her and draped his arm around her shoulder.

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By Autumn Jordon

Isobel slipped out of Warner’s truck and was immediately trapped by his hard body. Her shawl fell from her shoulders and Warner’s warm lips caressed her exposed bare skin. The man’s maleness wrapped around her senses, crushing her defenses into dust. Her knees buckled as tingles followed his assault over her dress’s thin strap, up the cord of her neck to the sensitive area under her lobe.

Tilting her head toward the snow moon, Isobel’s eyes drifted close. “We’re together six months and you still can’t wait until we get inside?”

“Remember our first date?” He mumbled against her ear.

“I’ll never forget. You wanted me so bad.”

He pulled back and chuckled. “I wanted you. You ripped my shirt off before I made it up the porch steps.”

“I think all the smoke you’ve inhaled while investigating fires has affected your memory, Yankee.” With her hands splayed on his hard chest, she pushed him back. “Why don’t we head in and I’ll show exactly how you assaulted me.” She entwined her fingers with his and started toward the house only to be yanked back.

“I need to show you something first.” Grabbing both her hands, Warner backpedaled toward the barn.

“No. I’m not dressed for the loft.”

“Trust me.”

Isobel laughed. “I’m in trouble if I do that.”

Warner rolled back the barn door and hit the light switch.

Lizzy whinnied.

Isobel took a moment to give the mare now completely blind in her right eye a treat of winter apple. As the horse’s soft muzzle tickled her palm, Isobel wished she’d find another horse as great as Lizzy was at the barrels and as pretty as the Appaloosa she’d seen at auction last week.

“Come on.” Warner’s hot breath brushed her ear.

Her new dress would smell of straw and beast if Warner had his way. The gravel floor crunched as Isobel dug her FMN cowgirl boot heels into its firmness. “No way I’m going to make out—”

A nicker drew Isobel’s attention to a stall that should be empty. “What was that?

She peered through the bars at the handsome Appaloosa colt she’d lost to a higher bidder at the auction. Her heart thumped under her breast. “I don’t understand. How?”

Warner’s eyes danced with wicked joy. “I knew how much you wanted him. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.”

Isobel laced her fingers around Warner’s neck and pulled him closer. “Yankee, you’re going to get your shirt ripped off again.”

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BLUEST HEART by Amber Lehigh WIllimas

Josie Brusky had been on her feet pretty much since dawn. Valentine’s Day made Josie’s Treasures—Wayback, Texas’s solo gift shop—the one-stop place for every cowboy with a sweetheart from a hundred miles around. Now she was finally home and her arches were screaming for some downtime.

As she walked into the house, she kicked off her heels then frowned. The jars of candles around the room were lit. A vase-full of bluebonnets overflowed with blooms on the coffee table. And the scent of something zesty tickled her nostrils. Following the sound of country music, she made her way back toward the kitchen.

Her jaw dropped. Standing at the counter, beer at his elbow, white Stetson pulled low over his eyes, Casey Ridge poured marinade over two thick, juicy-looking steaks.

It wasn’t the fact that the man was cooking that stopped her in her tracks. What astounded her was the fact that he wore a starched, white KISS THE COOK apron…and nothing else but the Stetson and cowboy boots.

Josie clapped a hand over her mouth as a wide grin broke over her face. Thoughts of a good glass of wine and a quick nap flitted out of her head as she stepped across the tile floor.

He turned his head and grinned, dimples digging into his sun-bronzed cheeks and blue eyes gleaming. “Hey there, pretty lady.”

“Well, well.” She shook her head, skimming her eyes from his hat to his boot-clad toes then back up again, enjoying the view. Sliding her hands up his chest and onto his shoulders, she beamed into his face. “You really know how to make a cowgirl happy on Valentine’s.”

He bent his head to kiss her. “Like the apron?”

“I’m thinking about untying it, actually.” She pursed her lips, considering. “You know, I think I’ll dress to match.”

“Ooh.” He smirked as she backed away, hand slipping from his. “Wear the red boots.”

She threw a suggestive wink over her shoulder. “You betcha.”

Amber Leigh Williams
URL: www.amberleighwilliams.com

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Finding Their Way by Roni Adams


“Yeah, I’m in here.” He walked back down the barn aisle past the empty stalls. As he reached the doorway he stopped in his tracks. His wife held the reins of two of the most beautiful horses he had ever seen.

He frowned. “Who’s horses?” He reached out to touch them; his expert gaze roamed down the animals appreciating their muscular form.

“Their mine. I’d like to hire you to train them.” Her blue eyes sparkled.

“Car,” he startd. She knew how he felt about her spending any of her own money on his new horse training business.

She stepped forward. “You asked if I wanted candy or flowers for Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t decide.” She waved her arm towards the two matching horses. “This one is Candy and this one is Flowers.”

He tried to be mad at her but she was so damned cute thinking she’d outsmarted him. “It’s not a present if you paid for it yourself.”

“Oh you’ll pay, cowboy.” She slid her gaze down his body and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

He snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her hard into his arms. “Its probably going to take me a long time to work off that bill.”

She linked her arms around his neck. “Then I suggest you put my horses away, while I slip upstairs and wait for you to come to work.”

With a quick kiss she slipped from his arms and was gone. Dusty stared after her not entirely sure how on earth she managed to give him the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

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Re-ride at the Rodeo
By Anne Carrole

Clay shoved his hands in the pockets of his worn and dusty jeans as he stared at the wide expanse of Texas land he called home. Would she like it, he wondered, not really sure what he’d do if she didn’t. Dusty was a small town girl, used to having lots of people around. He kicked at the hard earth. Dirt and pebbles sprayed against the tire of his pick-up.

In the distance a cloud of red dust barreled toward him. Her Silverado stopped a few feet from Clay and within a heartbeat Dusty was bounding out of the cab, her long blonde hair flying. Grabbing him around the neck, she planted a heart-stopping kiss on his lips. She still had that effect on him, months into their engagement. The June date for their wedding couldn’t come fast enough. And yet, he worried it might never happen.

“Your mom sent me out here.” She looked up at him with questions in her beautiful blue eyes. Clad in jeans and a t-shirt, this petite, fine-boned woman looked remarkably at home on his ranch. Today he’d find out if that was just wishful thinking.

“I’ve got your Valentine’s gift in the truck,” he said, taking a step back.

She looked into his pick-up’s cab. “Where?” she asked with the eagerness of a little girl looking for her surprise.

Clay reached into the truck’s flat bed. “Here.” He drew up a white picket section of fence, a bow tied on one of the boards.

She blinked, a puzzled expression on her face. “A fence?”

“Yup. A white picket fence. Which I was hoping you’d want to situate right about here.” He set the fence posts down in the holes he’d dug earlier.

The frown that had furrowed her brow gave way to a smile. “For our house?”

“I thought this wouldn’t be too far from the road or from the main house, but far enough we won’t have to worry about the kids playing in the yard or my mother dropping by too often. Developer said it could be done by May.”

Dusty laughed, the sunlight glinting in her eyes. “I can’t believe it. Our home.”

The pressure on his heart eased and Clay gathered her to him. “And with those two words, you just gave me my Valentine’s gift, honey.”

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Re-ride at the Rodeo
By Anne Carrole


SHADOW OF THE HAWK by Judith Rochelle

Maggie Riley walked into the living room, the twins finally asleep and the ranch settled for the night, and smiled at her husband. Hawk stood beside the stone fireplace, waiting for her, reaching out to take her hands as she neared him.

“Maggie, mine.” His eyes were dark with passion and love as he drew her near. “The day we met I would have died if not for you, You not only saved me that day but for always. You made me want to live again. And love. Oh, yes, definitely love. And I want you to remember every day of our lives how much you mean to me.”

He handed her the box. Maggie’s hands trembled as she opened it and tears gathered in her eyes as she lifted the necklace from its cotton nest. A silver heart with a hawk etched into its surface swung from a graceful chain.

“Oh, Hawk.” She was so overcome with emotion she couldn’t find the right words.

“It’s my heart, darlin’. It belongs to you and no one else. I wanted to give you a very special Valentine’s Day gift to show you just how much you mean to me.”

He took the chain from her shaking hands, fastened it around her neck and pulled her close for a passionate kiss. When he finally lifted his mouth from hers, Maggie lifted her hands and touched his cheeks.

“I love you so much, Hawk. And I have a special gift for you, too.”
He cocked one eyebrow, questioningly.

“You do? I don’t see any packages.”

She looked into his eyes, so full of love it nearly brought her to her knees.

“It won’t arrive for a few months yet. Happy Valentine’s Day, Hawk. We’re having another child.”

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Judith Rochelle
romantic suspense with a twist


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