Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Signing Was A Blast!


Book signings cause writers to shiver, or so I’ve heard. If you read my post last week— Wait! You didn’t. Ah, please do. It’s important to your library. Okay, if you've read my post last week you know this past Saturday I held my first book signing at my local library. I’ve got to tell I was nervous and my friend, Misty, cyber-slapped me a few times because of my frantic messages to her.

I had lined all my ducks up in row for the event by; one, contacting Becky, the very nice head-librarian a month prior, donating my book to the library which Becky and her staff put on display only for a few weeks along with a poster announcing the signing and brochures which I had made up highlighting the great things about my book Evil’s Witness; like it was a Golden Heart Finalist entry, it’s received two great reviews and chosen excerpts. I also included a little information about me. Then my local paper also ran a very nice story about me prior to the signing.

With publicity taken care of, I had hoped to have a one or two people stop by and talk to me and maybe buy Evil’s Witness, but I never expected to sell every one of my books, including my own copy.

For an hour and half, I had a great time sharing what I know about the craft and industry, talking about Evil’s Witness’ conception and development, and my journey as a writer and signing personalized messages. I know a portion of the people who came, some from my past (it was such a treat to see you), but I made many new fans too. I was so thrilled when a few readers showed up with their own copies to be signed. All and all, I think I signed 30 books. Not Nora’s stacks but a number beyond my hopes.

I want to thank the lovely librarians, Becky, Molly and Carey of the Lehighton Memorial Library for making my first signing spectacular! You were AWESOME! They really chatted up Evil’s Witness to their customers. I look forward to seeing you again.

Misty, thank you for all your advice and cyber-slaps. WINK

And to all of those who took the time to stopped and chat and purchase Evil’s Witness, thank you. I hope to hear your thoughts on John and Stephanie’s story. Please email me. I’d love to highlight a few quotes on my website.

I’ll be signing again over Labor Day weekend on September 4 at StoneyBrook Campground, which is perfect because Evil’s Witness's opening scene takes during the same holiday weekend and with my heroine camping in the same mountains. I’ve learned a few things at my first signing and hope to be a little better prepared this time, such as signing book markers ahead of time. I’m so looking forward to meeting new fans, even if it’s only one or two.

Before I get to my question of the day, don't forget to follow me. In one week, I'll announce the winner from my new followers this month. The prize, an e-copy of Obsessed By Wildfire.

Now, authors, does anyone else have hints or suggestions for a successful signing?


  1. Autumn,

    I took notes! you, I'm sure when I do my first "alone" signing I'll need a few cyber slaps:)...makes me as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof...I know, I know, it's been done before;):) It's wonderful that the event went so well:) Congratulations gal!

    Loretta Wheeler

  2. Autumn, I'm so happy for you! Wait...what's that smell??? Ah, the smell of SUCCESS!

    John and Stephanie are wonderful characters and the suspense in EW...OMG! Every page was full of tension and just when I thought the hero and heroine were going to get a break, *BAM*, gunshots, explosions, daring, loved the action as much as the romance.

    Congrats on your booksigning. This is just the beginning of a long and successful career for you. (Look out Nora...)

  3. Hi Autumn,

    What a great story! Congrats on your wonderful event. The next time I do a library signing, I'm going to keep a box with slips of paper near at hand, running a contest in which the winner will receive the NEXT upcoming release. Sort of pre-pre-promotion for what I still have in production. If nothing else, I thought it would increase traffic to the signing. People love to get stuff for free!

    "The Other" AJ

  4. Huge congrats, Autumn, that is fantastic! You have really inspired me to get out there and start talking to people. I haven't even got the guts to talk to my local librarians about my books!

    I'm bookmarking your blog and on my next release, I'm getting my backside out there.

    All the best with your future success!

    Rachel x

  5. Congratulations, sounds like a great signing. I've never done very well with them in the past, but with my new book coming out soon, I need to persevere. If you have any other tips for success, please share. Good luck with your future sales.

  6. I don't have any suggestions, Autumn. I haven't had to face the DREADED BOOK SIGNING yet since my book doesn't release until February. As we say in the south, sound like you've got it whooped! I may come to you for advise. :-)

  7. First, forgive for the long senteces. I was so excited typing this blog.

    Loretta, No need to be nervous. Misty's advice to me, BE YOURSELF. I can do that.

    I already promised my Ruby-slippered sisters to do a blog concerning my experiences and detail steps that I'm taking to set up signings in the out of box locations. I'll let you know when that is scheduled. I know Liberty has done a few great signings. I hope to get across the river and join them soon.

    Ah, Misty, you're too funny. Thanks for the kind words. I'm so happy you loved Evil's Witness.

    LOL THE OTHER AJ, Glad to see you. That is a wonderful idea. May I use it? I had a notebook with me (a pretty one) and ten people signed up for my quarterly newsletter. Let me know how your signing goes.

  8. Rachael, You're such a sweetie and your books are wonderful. Get out there lady. Donate a book to the library. Believe me, they will appreciate it. Like I said, my ladies were WONDERFUL. I hope they have me back again.

  9. Kathy, I'm new at this game, but I've heard over and over that customers often purchase books because of name recognition. Put your name out there how ever you can. I carry bookmarkers and business cards where ever I go and I hand them out. I've given waiters and waitresses my pens and cards. I've given to grocery clerks, bank tellers, the toll guy on the turnpike. Will they ever buy my book. Shrug. Maybe and maybe not. Maybe one day, when they see my name on the shelf.

    John Foxjohn does a wonderful class on promotion. I know he's done it online for the Elements chapter. If you ever see it listed, take it.

  10. Thanks, Beth. Now you contact the library like I told you. And my a historial society too. You have a awesome niche.

    Mauve, Anytime. February, hmmm. The south is overloaded with readers in the winter months. We need to start thinking and planning. Tell me about your story. What's unique?

  11. Congrats on such a successful signing! Here's wishing you many, many more.

  12. It doesn't sound as if you need any pointers in doing a signing. Congratulations and continued success.

  13. Autumn, you are my hero. So proud of you!!!

  14. Thanks, Kathy, Caroline and Mona. I'm no expert on promo and always learning. By sharing what did and didn't work, we all can learn. I love AJ's idea and might use it next time.

  15. Autumn, the pictures look so fun! Looks like a fantastic book signing. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with your next one.

  16. Wonderful, Autumn!

    So glad you had such a successful first book signing. I, too, sold out at my first two signings. Isn't that fun? LOL

    While I've been part of a group signing at a local library, our county system doesn't allow authors to sell their books. Why? Beats me.
    Joyce Henderson

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  18. I don't think you need any tips or suggestions.Seems you're doing pretty darn good already. Congrats and thanks for posting the pictures. Love them.
    I deleted one post cause stuff was acting hinky lets eee if ths one goes okay

  19. Thanks, Bev. I was fun.

    Joyce, that is awesome. How did you prepare?

    Ah, thanks, Rita. I can't wait to sign with you.

  20. I am so glad that your first signing went so well. You can't beat the feeling!
    Good luck with all your future signings and congratulations on a great event!

  21. Thanks, Mary. Can't wait to sign with you one day. We'll have a blast!

  22. What fun reading about your first book signing. And you'll be doing it all over again Labor Day weekend! You know what I'll be doing that weekend? I'll be at a rock concert. Although I love me a good headbanging session, I'd rather do a booksigning. Someday soon, I hope. Congratulations on the wonderful event and I hope there will be many more to come your way.

  23. That is sooooo cool! Continued success to you... and I want to be at the next one!

  24. Oh, Shea. I can't wait to for you to sign. I know it's going to happen for you and it'll be HUGE.

    Christine, I'm going to work on something for in the LV, but until then, I'll be in NJ. Hope to see you there.

  25. Looks like you did everything just right! Congratulations!

  26. Sorry I'm late to the party. Congrats!

  27. I tried, Peachette48. I love that log in name. I'm wondering if you're from GA?

    Thanks, Kelly.