Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Man's Take on Evil's Witness

Yesterday, I ran into a husband of a friend who had bought EVIL’S WITNESS. Not usual, except that the first words he said to me were, “I read your book last night.”

You can imagine my reaction. I have half smiled and waited for his next remark and sure enough it came.

“Pretty steamy.” He grinned.

I know it was my imagination, but I could almost see the wiggle of his right brow.

“Why is it everyone focuses on the love scenes?” I responded, wanting to slap the smile off his face.

“Well they were, ah, good, but I liked the whole thing,” friend’s DH stammered.

Okay, he got my interest. “What?”

“Yeah, the Russian Mafia stuff. It was good. I laid it down a couple of times. You know, to check my email, but I couldn’t stop wondering what would happen next. I read the whole thing. When’s your next one coming out?”

Now you understand I’m like doing the jig inside. It takes every ounce of control not to hug this guy. A man liked my book. My romantic suspense. Why should that make me dance with joy? Because it meant I wrote the stuff (action, guts, glory) guys like well. He totally bought into the world I built. He made my day and I told him so. Hell, he made my month.

I love when my husband and I find a movie to watch that has the elements both he and I enjoy. Maybe writing this genre was meant to be for me.

As for the next story, I just signed the contract last week. GRIN.

To buy Evil’s Witness visit The Wild Rose Press
It's available in print and e-formats.

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