Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Think I Can. I Really Do.

The end of the year is right there in front of me. December sits at the bottom right hand corner of the November calendar with the holidays marked in vivid red.
New Year’s Eve among them—the date most of us set goals for the coming year.
Last December, I sat ten goals for myself. While I achieved many of them, (Woohoo), I still have a few that I really want to accomplish before the clock ticks down on the year. Can I do it? Maybe.

But even if I don’t make the all the goals, or just miss the target, like loose another ten pounds or finish the book, it’s alright. I might lose five more pounds or only need to write the ending, and hey, I’ll take it.

The thing about goals, while it’s the carrot dangling out that is the big prize we need to remember the journey toward the reward is more important. We’re striving to change bad habits, or overcome demons, or just make ourselves and the world a better place. It’s hard work and nothing is accomplished over night. The journey has to be rewarding, otherwise the goal will never be achieved.

I worked on all my goals throughout 2010. Ten of them. I’m happy that I kept them in the forefront of my mind and achieved six of them. I made time for my friends and family-the benefits have been wonderful. I tightened my belt and ask myself ‘Do I really need this before making purchases’. Doing so has helped keep our expenses under control during a year where watched two sons marry. I cleaned out a good portion of my house and got rid a dumpster of clutter. I don’t miss I thing. I also finished and submitted my next book, which lead to a contract. All this was accomplished in baby steps which I practiced every day. I’m close to achieving two others, but last two… Well, I’m not giving up, but I’m going to enjoy myself while trying, and if I make them, ‘Yeah!’ , and if I don’t, ‘Yeah! I took steps toward the prize.’

Come December 30th , 2010, when I make my goals for 2011, those two goals will be tweaked and on the top of my list.

It’s never too late to start working toward your goal. Enjoy the journey!


  1. Great advice. I guess it is time time to be thinking about goals for the new year already.

  2. Thanks for the following, Deb. I posted early in case I needed to run to hospital for a birth.

    You're so right. I'm already thinking back on what I have accomplished, during this busy year and thinking about next year's goals.

    One step ahead is always comfortable.

  3. Goals! It's just cruel to have to set goals when your belly is still full from the holidays. And it feels like there is regular time and publishing time. Publishing time is way slower than the rest of the world. It's difficult to set your clock by it.