Wednesday, November 3, 2010

True Love

Cursor, Cursor..

Do you love to write?

I do, and write about just about anything. Leaves floating to the ground like a flurry of angels feathers. Family dogs romping and growling playfully in the afternoon sun. Mom shutting off her internet service the weeks I’m to stay with her.

Writers write. It’s as simple as that. They have to. It’s in their blood to create images, characters and stories using well chosen words.

If I go more than a few days without jotting down or tapping out passages, I feel listless. Almost like I’ve been physically restrained and need to move and accomplish something. Today is that day.

For the past five days, I’ve been MIA from my keyboard due to my son’s wedding. It was an awesome day.

The groom’s men dressed at my home and looked as if they’d just walked off a 1940’s movie set in their formal attire.
A bright sun peeked now and then from behind its mask of gray clouds. Trees of gold and crimson waved with the sudden gusts as if gesturing to friends.

My son showed he has a bit of a romantic in him by writing his new bride a note on the bulletin board in the room where she would wait to her turn to enter the church. The message, which I will not share with the world—it’s theirs, brought tears of happiness to her eyes and a smile to my lips.

The ceremony was simple and tastefully done. Afterwards, bubbles of joy surrounded the bride and groom before lifting prayers
for a long blessed marriage for the couple to the heavens.

The day is now a memory. One I will draw on when writing about true love.


  1. Oh, they look so happy. Congratulations all around!

  2. They do look very happy! I wish them the very best!

  3. What a lovely couple. I know you must be very proud. Thanks for sharing the photos. Congrats to the bride and groom.

  4. I'll pass on the congrats to the young couple. I'm sure they'll appreciate them.

    Irene said it all. SIGH.

  5. Beautiful. I love the black and white photo with the red flowers. VERY romantic.

    Glad you had such a happy day. Happy writing!

  6. Wow, Autumn, what a big wedding party! They all look great. Your new D-I-L is beautiful. I'm sure you'll soon be expecting more adorable grandbabies.

  7. I know, Deb. The picture was snapped by my son's friend who would like to start his on photography business and given to me as a gift. I think he has talent.

    LOL, Laurie. It was held to six attendants each. The couple has so many friends they wanted standing up front with them. Thank you. J is a beautiful woman and so fun. These two are meant to be together and, yeah, I can't wait to see them blessed.

  8. Perfect. Congrats for pulling it all off. Blessings to them and to you. {{{Hugs}}}

  9. It sounds like the couple had a lovely day, and you are right, the pictures are beautiful. I love the expression on your D-I-L's face as your son leans in to speak to her. Simply gorgeous. Congrats to you all.

  10. Thanks, Gwyn. I'm sure this couple will be laughing for years.

    I love this picture too, Becca. It's already on display in house.