Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to all my friends.

Snow or no snow, the Christmas season is my favorite holiday. The world seems to slow down, just a bit, enough to allow family and friends to gather and catch-up.

I love making special dishes and desserts for all to enjoy. Today, I baked six different cookies--recipes which have been handed down from my great-grandmothers. Why is it we only make them at the holidays?

I love watching the eyes of the little ones brighten as they gaze up at the Christmas tree, searching for the ornaments they made the year before. Yes, they do remember.

My sweet DH always wraps one gag gift for a lucky family member. It's so funny to watch their reaction when opening it.

I can't wait for the celebration to begin. I hope you enjoy your holiday week and remember to stay safe.


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