Monday, March 5, 2012

What do you see?

I stopped in at my son’s house. He and his wife just bought the 1940 bungalow style situated on a picturesque acre. He proudly showed me around the property and while doing so pointed out several trees which he intended to take down. Unless trees are dead or diseased I hate to see them removed, especially trees that survived a century or more. And, especially trees that are the home to a spirit. And that is exactly what my son had. He had a tree with a face.

When I told him what I saw, he told me I was nuts. He couldn’t see the face. His wife couldn’t see the face. My own dear husband couldn’t see the face. None of them could until I pointed it out in detail. It was a tree similar to the one in this picture.

I see objects in many things; a paneled wall, a cloud, a mountain, a leaf, etc. etc. My grandson throws a string of beads up in the air and then he sees objects in the outline, but many people don’t. I wonder why?

Do you? And do you have an opinion on why we see what we see, so easily?

Now for fun and to test you, can you find twelve faces in this tree?

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