Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's

April 1, 2012

LOL. I’ve been giggling to myself ever since I decided to pull the prank on FaceBook. I’m so sorry to have fooled you, but I'm happy you took the time to wish me a happy birthday and then to jump over here.

My birthday? I'm a Scorpio. I know, I'm bad. LOL

PRESENTS FOR YOU, read on...

As a consolation for my bad April’s Fools prank, everyone who has wished me a Happy FB Birthday and who leaves a comment here, (no you’re going to kill me messages of any type) will be entered into a contest where I'll award five winners (that's 4+1 for April first) e-copies of His Witness To Evil. I’ll announce my winners on Monday afternoon at five EST, because, we'll I'm giving away five copies. You have until then to enter. No joke, really.

Already have a copy of His Witness To Evil, you can have an e-copy of Obsessed By Wildfire instead or gift His Witness To Evil to a friend. A great Eastre present! WINK

Good luck and happy April!


  1. Well, I still hope you have a great day :)))) Happy Shameless Sunday Autumn <3
    Stacey jo

  2. LOL. I'm glad I made you laugh. I think I'll eat cake today because it's not my birthday. Hehehehe

  3. Lol, very good, I still hope that you had a wonderful day. xxxx

  4. Thanks, dear. I've been chuckling all day. I hope everyone has a great sense of humor all you. WINK

    You're entered in the contest so check back tomorrow at 5.

  5. Stacey and Astrid, You're both my winners. Please send me your email addies to to claim your e-copy of His Witness To Evil. Thanks for stopping by!