Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
William Butler Yeats.

We all have dreams. We began dreaming at an early age; wishing for a pony, or to romp in the ocean, or to sleepover at a friend’s house.

As we grew older our dreams changed. Maybe instead of a pony, we wished for a car. Instead of romping in the ocean, we wanted to drive around night with our friends in our own car. And maybe instead of a sleepover, we want to go away for a whole weekend, in our car.

And as the years drifted by, our dreams became something more than just material things or superficial wants. They became an extension of ourselves and define who we truly are.

I’ve wanted to be a published author from a very early age. I wanted to daydream and use those dreams and ideas to entertain others. I get satisfaction from putting words to a page, and I’m overwhelmed with joy when a reader writes me a note telling me how much they’ve enjoyed my work.

I’ve known other people over the years who wanted to be doctors, teachers, truck drivers, secretaries, etc. and who took up those professions and are living their dreams. They’re happy because they’re living their dreams.

Dreaming is not a suspension of reality—it is an extension of it.

Sometimes we don't know what our dreams are until they walk up and slap us in the head. Then without a doubt, we realize it's been there all along, inside us.

You’re dreams are who you are. Listen and you will hear.

The Journey of spirtual growth requires courage and intiative and independecne of thought and action. While the words of the prophets and the assistance of grace are available, the journey must still be traveled alone.
M. Scott Peck

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