Monday, May 14, 2012

Door Open Or Door Close?

Who loves a good love scene? I do too, but lately while reading, I find myself flipping pages and skipping over them. Why? And why are there books on my shelves that will fall open to the love scenes?

I pass over some love scenes and devour others because of the characters. It’s that simple. The author whose books fall open to those yummy page made me love the characters. I became invested in their lives and their dreams. I would refer to them by name instead of the heroine and hero when telling others about the story.

I wanted the woman to find the man of her dreams because, damn it, she deserved a good man. And I wanted the man to realize she was the piece of his heart he’d been searching for all his life. I wanted the perfect-for-each-other couple to come together as one. (excuse the pun)

The thing about love scenes, when the author has written remarkably real characters and has me totally invested, I don’t need the total physical description of mating for me to enjoy the story. A scene leading up to a hungry first kiss with the door closing shortly afterwards will leave me just as satisfied. In fact, leaving the details of the physical connection to my own imagination is sometimes much better. I hate slot A into slot B writing.

That is my take on love scenes. So what is your opinion? What makes a good love scene for you? And do you prefer the door to remain open?


She waited for his move.

His gaze drifted over her, stopping briefly on the bruise coloring her upper arm.

Her blood rushed, warming her, making her ready for him. She shifted her weight, parting her legs.

His tongue crossed his lips. “Steph, I…”

“I know you don’t have the answers, John. I don’t either. Right now, I don’t want to think about tomorrow or the next day. I just need to know how you feel.”

Steph reached down and grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head.

Desire grew in his eyes as his gaze fluttered over her bare breasts.

“Don’t say anything, just show me,” she said.

In two quick strides, he stood before her. He gathered her in his arms. As their kiss deepened, she melted against him. His right hand palmed her ribs before...




  1. Like you, it's door closed unless I feel like I have an emotional investment into the characters. Otherwise, it doesn't seem beautiful and magical. I think that's why the romance of the old Cary Grant movies were so popular. The relationship and the tension was built so well.

    1. Oh, I love Cary Grant. Great example.

      It's raining in my part of the world. A good day for a great movie. Thanks for chiming in, Sonya.

  2. Wow - Good question. It depends on the genre, the story line, and the author. In spanking romances (hopefully not a taboo subject here :) ) You know that all the sex is going to behind the door because the spanking is the most intimate part of the H/h coming together. If it’s a short erotic you know all your are going to get is sex so if you’re reading it I would certainly hope that is why you’re reading it. I know in the beginning for me it was all about the sex. But as year went by I needed more substance in my books. I have read beautifully done romances that the sex was behind doors and I didn’t feel cheated because the story more than made up for it. I have been in the middle of an intense rom/suspense book and have skipped over the sex scenes because I needed to know what was going to happen next in the suspense part. But there are times I need to read the actual sex scenes hear about how they come together - some H/h are put through the ringer you as the reader get soo worked up with them that you need that big O - the release with them. I guess the one thing that bugs me the most is if it is an open door when the author uses 1900 terms for anatomy. If you’re going to bring me into the bedroom as least call it what it is :)

    1. Great points, Cindy. You are definitely right, that it depends on the type of book you're wanting to read at that particular moment.

      And you also made a good point concerning wanting to get to the suspense and skipping the phyiscal relationship. Balancing the romance and the suspense in a romantic suspense is tricky work. I hope I do this> I strive to make my readers want my H&H to hook up that when they do ms reader is going to stay with them through the big O.

      Terminology is important for the period your reading and the genre. Right on.

      Thanks for stopping by and chatting with me.

  3. Writing the scenes:
    As Macie Carter I wrote "door open" with very explicit scenes.
    As Mitzi Flyte I find myself writing "door closed."
    I don't think it has anything to do with a pen name - I did that because of my job. Now that I'm retired Mitzi Flyte is marketing Macie's explicit erotic romance.
    For me I think it's because now there is a man in my life. I know that doesn't make sense. But it was easier for me to write "door open" when there was no special man.
    My various WIPs are more closed door now.

    It depends upon the story. If I'm "expecting" an open door because the author has set the story up like that, I may be disappointed.

    1. Yes, some authors have to write the door close because of their professions. It's fiction, right? It's life, right?

      AJ knocking head on the desk. OUCH!

      By the story set up, do you mean it's been very suggestive so far, not sensual?

  4. Get them into the bedroom and shut that door. If we don't know what they're going to do inside, maybe we ought not to be reading about it....
    After awhile, it is all so tedious. How many ways can you put tab A into slot B and still care about it?
    It's the story and the characters, not a sex manual...but I guess I'm in the minority. I don't write long, drawn out love scenes, skip over them now unless there is dialogue in someone else's book.

    1. Everyone has a right to their option and or preference, hon. I think Cindy nailed it, stating it depends on the book and the reader. Some readers demand that door stay open.

      Thanks for hopping over here from FB. WINK

  5. Okay - I answered this yesterday and today I was trapped into beginning an erotic romance novella...So what do I know?

    I have no answer as to what to write - door open or closed. I guess it just depends on what story comes into your head.

    Now going to read a short erotic romance. The door will definitely be open.