Friday, September 21, 2012

You're A Brave Woman, Nicole.

A handsome US Marshal held her heart, but a monster held her life.

Seized By Darkness

Will's hands landed on her shoulders and suddenly she found herself facing him. Through her thin shirt her skin warmed under his touch.

His brow lined with furrows while he studied her.

“You’re not nothing. You’re a strong, brave woman who has put her life on the line not only to save herself, but her son and Susie and hundreds of others. If your parents were here, they’d tell you how proud they are of you.”

Her laughter sounded evil to her own ears. “Proud that I was made to be a whore.”

Will’s skin flushed with crimson anger and his fingers bit into her skin as he shook her. “You’re not a whore. You never were. I don’t want to hear you call yourself that again. Do you understand, Nicole?”

Staring into the depths of his rage, she swallowed. Will truly understood her torment.
She looked down, blinked back the hot tears welling up inside her, and nodded.

Will’s grip relaxed and his hands slid over her shoulders to her back. He held her in place and stepped closer. The feel of his body meeting hers, chest to chest, thigh to thigh, sent Nicole’s pulse racing.

He was just comforting her she thought. Will didn’t love her. She’d be a fool to think he ever could.

With her head against his chest, she closed her eyes and listened to the rhythm of his heart. She recorded the feel of his hard muscles and the way his breath felt against her hair. She inhaled the mixed floral scent of the fabric softener he used and his spicy cologne. A smile tucked at her lips.

Oh, how she wished there could be something more between them. A wild thought popped to mind. A night together? One she could remember and cherish in the years to come while she slept alone.

No. That had to be the worst idea she’d ever had. While her body would thank her a hundred times over, her heart couldn’t take the rejection that unquestionably would happen in the moments after. Somewhere over the last two months, she had fallen for Will and loving him was a mistake.

She leaned into him. One more minute of bliss and then she’d let him go.

Will’s massage replaced the tension in her back muscles with tender comfort and sent hopeful tingles up her spine, acknowledging that a bond had formed between them.
He sighed against her head. “You know, this isn’t the best idea.”
Nicole braced herself against the ache surrounding her heart. Either Will knew how she felt about him and didn’t feel the same way or he also knew there was no future between them.

“You’re probably right.” Sighing, she pulled back and was captured by the storm in his eyes.

Will’s gaze dropped to her lips and just like hers, his heartbeat went wild under her palm. Afraid she’d miss the moment, she didn’t blink.

“Oh, hell.” Will lowered his head and his tender lips brushed across hers.

Seized By Darkness is available on Amazon and at B&N in both paperback and digital.

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  1. This sounds great! I am definitely intrigued. I am a sucker for a good romantic suspense. I just added it to my B&N wishlist. :-)