Friday, January 25, 2013

Readers Speak Out

Ebooks are hot! That’s not new news. I have a kindle myself and love it. I also have five books out in e-format and two more coming this year.

While surfing through some book sites, I wondered what drew readers in this new world to buy a book? It’s not like they’re in a bookstore, walking by the displays, scanning the shelves, and running their fingers over the spines.

So, on a reader board, I asked the question. What draws you to a book?

I had a great response. Readers are great. Tell them you’re an author and need to know something and they step up.

A few told me they read reviews while others said they go on recommendations from friends. Then there were those who said they never go on friend recommendations because they’ve found in the past their friends had different tastes.

Some buy an author because they’ve heard a buzz about the book. They might not know where the buzz came from, but there had been a buzz and it stuck.

After much discussion, back and forth, the overwhelming majority agreed, the top two reasons they look at a book, even in the cyber world, are the title and the cover. And the reason they buy a book is they were intrigued by the blurb and enjoyed the sample chapters.

If you’re a writer, you’re a reader. So readers, do you agree with the readers on the board? How do you find books in the cyber world?


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