Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ah 1 And Ah 2

January is a depressing month for many. Some of you might've cried cabin-fever as soon as the ball dropped in Times Square. If you’re one of the millions who each year suffers from SAD or cabin-fever, would you love not to? I know your answer is yes.

I love winter. I love everything about it except the darkness. I really don't know how those living in the north hemisphere can handle twenty hours of darkness.

As much as I love winter, my body does tend to slow down and if I don't get moving, my mind says, “Okay, if you’re not going to move, I might as well rest too.” Not good for a writer. Not good for anyone really.

I didn’t want to shut down this year and then have to play catch-up, so on January first I sat some pretty aggressive goals for 2014. To make those goals, I had to move and move I did.

I began to dance in the morning for twenty minutes as a form of exercise. I love to dance. So the minute my feet hit the floor, I’m struttin’ my stuff to any beat I want. In a week, my energy level soared.

If you don’t believe me that dancing works, here are some articles verifying the benefits of shaking your booty. Check them out.



What is great about dancing is you don’t need a video or a special piece of equipment. Just crank up the radio and dance. And dance in the sunlight. Dance your way through January and February.

Do you have a way to fend off SAD or cabin fever you’d like to share?

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