Monday, August 22, 2016

It's So Good You'll Want A Signed Copy

On September 6th, I'm giving away FIVE autographed copies of my newest mystery, thriller romance, OBSESSED BY DARKNESS, on Goodreads. It's already has great reviews. Jump over to Goodreads and enter today. Also, don't forget to follow me there and on Amazon.

Here's what it's about.

Three dead students bring Chase Hunter and Jolene Martinez, the youngest members of the elite U.S. Marshal C.U. F. F. Team, to a college where a new drug is sweeping the campus. Their job is to find the drug ring and take it down.

Chase’s own demons surface and he fights to determine when to trust his gut and when to obey orders, especially when it comes to their number one person of interest, the studious, pretty Emma Lewis.

Chemistry graduate student Emma Lewis’s roller coaster ride begins when she discovers a fellow student dead, inciting the police to probe every aspect of her life. When new student Chase Hunter arrives on campus, he quickly becomes her emotional rock and Emma finds herself falling for him- until she learns his interest in her was all a lie.

A murderer’s plans change as the heat on campus rises and Emma becomes the target of the psychopath. When she goes missing, will Chase find her in time?

Click here to be whisked away.

Have a great read. AJ

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