Saturday, August 13, 2016


Yup. I meant to write that. Friday is still a work day, but Saturday there is no alarm. I can stretch and even read a little before jumping out of bed if I want. Even my dog gets it.

BTW This is me getting kisses from my baby moose.

It's Saturday and you need something to read. Guess what you can get Obsessed By Wildfire
just by joining my newsletter. Tap on the newsletter icon on the sidebar. I promised not to share your information and overwhelm your inbox. Now and then, I share news about a new release, a sale, or just something fun. I do run contests for my subscribers and they are the first to know news.

Obsessed by Wildfire is a romantic mystery-suspense with fun, quirky characters. They will make you chuckle and we all need to do that. And Warner is so yummy. He's a fire investor and he sure makes Issy hot. To read more about it tap here. Download it now and enjoy.

Have a great weekend.

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