Monday, November 6, 2017

Decorating For Thanksgiving

The ghosts, skeletons, bats and witches are coming down and going back into storage for another year and it’s time to decorate for Thanksgiving. But what can you do?
There are a lot of inexpensive ways to decorate for Thanksgiving.

First, make a thankful tree. All you need is a planter pot, a few branches and some colored paper to cut out colored leaves. You can stick the branches into an existing pot but be careful not to disturb the root system of the plant. Over the next few weeks, have everyone write down everything they’re thankful for and hang it on the tree. Read them on thanksgiving.

Second, if you live near a field, gather some wild grass (Or buy at craft store) and fill some empty jars. The jars don’t need to be all the same size or shape. Mix them up and make the design your own. Tape a holiday greeting to the jars.

Do you have clear candle holders, or wine glasses, or truffle dishes? Fill them with dry beans, peas and corn. Later you can make soup.

I have a lot of baskets. When I saw this next idea, I was like slapping my head. I can do this no problem. I have pine cones and branches and I’m sure I can use leftover pumpkins and gourds. I bet they’re really cheap now that Halloween is history. CAUTION: DO NOT leave a lighted candle unattended!

The next idea is CHEAP. I’m sure you have pictures hanging on your walls. Print off a few pages with holiday greetings and tape them to the frame. I did this at Easter and then I forgot to take one down. I left it there in the frame and waited to see of anyone would say something. In August, my mother asked me why I had an Easter bunny up. We had a good laugh.

My grandkids love to do crafts when they visit and I love sending them home with reminders of our fun day together. Here a few ideas to keep them busy and add to the day. This next idea is similar to the last. A little finger print and colored paper and viola! Tape them to the frames.

Pine cones and paper cups can easily be made into turkeys with colored paper, feathers and sticky eyes. Last Thanksgiving my gang made turkeys out of paper cups. The wrote their names on them. On Thanksgiving, at their place setting, the cups contained applesauce. They loved it. You could put a dessert in them. Jello anyone?

It is easier than ever before to find ideas to decorate your home for the holidays. Just google.

In a few days, I will share my expertise on getting ready for the feast. I always had twenty or more people to fed. I just love this holiday. Until then, have fun!


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