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Releases MAY 8, 2018

Thank you to all of the readers who continue to follow me here. It seems blogging has taken a backseat to social media, but I still like to read my favorite authors' posts.

I'm really excited to announce the up-coming release of my next book, Loved By Darkness. Loved By Darkness is the third stand-alone novel in my U.S. Marshal series C.U.F.F. Both my editor and a first reviewer has told me that this is the best story I've written. They feel it's an award-winner. I hope it wins your heart and that you will chat it up at work and social media.

Let me tell you a little about it. Many people ask where do you get your ideas. This one came to me while I was on vacation in St. Augustine visiting follow Ruby sister Rita Henuber two years. I'd over heard a conversation about a missing child and while we sat on the white sands watching the waves the opening of the story unfolded in my mind. As all stories tend to do, it changed as months went by. Why? Because of the characters. To the non-writer that might seem like a crazy notion, but they really do come to life in our minds and eventually they tell us what needs to happen next. Seriously, I'm not crazy. Just ask any writer.

Why did it take me two years? One reason was I was writing Perfect Fall for my Perfect Love Series. I'm not a writer who can be writing two novels at once. My characters demand my full attention. And second, a lot of research went into this story. I learned about sailing, how to stop a plane from taking off. I learned about psychological disorders, police procedurals involving the U.S, Marshals and much more. I don't want to tell you what because of spoilers. And finally, because I wanted this book to be the best I've ever done.

Loved By Darkness is up for pre-order at Amazon, B&N, I-Books and Kobo. Below are the links, if you'd prefer to copy and paste.


I hope I can count on you for reviews. Word of mouth is still the best advertisement.

Thank you again, Autumn

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