Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why I'm A Romance Writer

Cursor, Cursor, Cursor…

The US NEWS Industry had no problem filling their pages, slots or air time this week. The oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the flooding in the south central states and the bombing attempt in Times Square has kept the reporters typing and anchormen/women chatting. Activists and volunteers have already rolled up their sleeves and God bless them. At some time during our lives, the fickle finger of progress or the forces of nature will touch each one of us. If you don’t take a blow, you’re truly blessed.

Events like these remind me of why I’m an artist, a romance author. Out of the headlines, thousands of tragic stories will emerge. Short U-tube clips show the lost, that is what they time for. Only a handful of stories of triumph will be told. Ones which will bring joy to our hearts and tears falling to our cheeks. People need to hear the success stories in order to restore their hope and faith and give them the courage to put one foot in front of the other. They long to hear them.

I wonder if the media should take a look of the genre books sales for guidance in their reporting. While I know it is important to report the tragic developments for a score of reasons, I think the news should end on that happy note— for the well being of all.

With that off my chest this morning, I’m going to plan to celebrate the day by helping an elderly lady clean her kitchen, call my children and tell them I love them, plant a tree and some flowers, play with my dogs and cats, and then this afternoon continue to write a love story with a happy ending.

Oh yeah, since it’s Cinco de Mayo, I’ll share a Margarita with DH too.

Please keep those in need in your prayers.


  1. They thrive on controversy and angst!!!

  2. I used to read news from a website that only had good news -- but they started charging for it. Dang it.

    BTW, I love your dog photo. I have an Irish Setter mix who looks a lot like yours! Very pretty :-)

  3. wow, what a day you have planned. I hope it's going well. I enjoyed your post and agree with you. :)

  4. Right on, Autumn.
    I think all so-called news on TV should always have at least one, dare I hope, even two good-feeling stories per show.

    In Southwest Florida, the Sheriff's office,
    (think that's who it is,) sponsors a monthly "Do the right thing" trophy presentation, and the local newspaper had a whole page dedicated to "positive" teens the other day. I hope it's a weekly event!

  5. I guess it's the controvery that makes $$$. I so wish it was different. You know I really hate, Mary, is when they report a story and then don't follow it. I always when to ...

    Hate that.

  6. You know, Marianne, I can see that happening in the future. There will be no newspapers or televisions. You will have your computers and will be charged for every article you read, show you watch or we will be charged by kybtes transferred. Our poor kids. I think I'll hang on to my paperbacks.

  7. Oh, Marianne. Thanks for the compliament on Mac. He's my baby. The Doberman is my son's. She was visiting and our little Yorky wasn't in this picture. He's a real old guy.

  8. Ah, Beth. I always think big. I didn't get everything done, yet. The older woman was getting a new dishwasher installed. The serviceman was to be there at 10 and didn't come until 1. Shot my day, but we had a nice visit.

  9. Joyce, That sounds awesome. People do need to hear the good stories. Have you ever heard someone say people don't do that any more because they're afraid the worse is going to happent to them?

    Like two weeks ago, my son's girlfriends cousin had a flat tire. A man stopped and changed it for her. She was a little nervous, but was on the turnpike, visable road, so she accepted. The guy was a nice guy. How many people are afraid to stop and help anyone now days. I don't think they do, because they're afraid of that one in a million time, because it was sensationalized by the media. People need to realize 90% of the population are just like us and to use common sense.


  10. Autumn, I don't mind hearing the bad news and sharing the angst of the victims. What I find inadmissible is that some horrible news are not even reported--I will spare you the details--and people are too complacent to do anything about the suffering.

  11. Mona, I'm sure there are many more tragedies to report both here and aboard, and in your travels you've seen things I couldn't even imagine. You're also right in saying the bad news needs to be shown inorder to prompt help. However, it's just my opinion the media concentrates so much on the negative because tradegy sells and the works of do-gooders or happy endings are bypassed. I'd just like to see more of the positive actions.

    Thanks for posting your opinion. I appreciate you.

  12. I like hearing news it's just so difficult to filter out the spin of the stations and newscasters.
    I teach high school so I see positive things every day and have a firm faith in the future.

  13. I'm glad you stopped by and told us that, Susan. I often wonder what the world will be like for our grandchildren. I'm sure our grandparents said the same words. In wonderous ways our world is so much better, but in other ways I wish for the good old days.