Wednesday, January 20, 2010

24 Does It For Me


You know when I only cursor once, I probably have my subject matter already pinned down. I do. 24.

I’m absolutely nuts over the action-packed television show. I’ve been a fan since season 4, when I found the series. I immediately had to find seasons 1, 2 and 3. What is it about the show that makes me count the days until it airs, has me warning all of my family and friends not to call while it is on, and turns me into a superhuman and grab the power for the big screen television from my husband? JACK.

Kiefer Sutherland’s character Jack is one of the reasons the show has me hook. He is a fearless tortured soul. He is a man whose morals will not be comprised. The man fell in love once in the eight seasons, and even though he and Audrey have gone their different ways, he has not had another relationship. Well, there was that woman in season five—a small town woman who made him think, maybe I could live a normal week or two without terrorists, but in the end Jack knew who his heart still wished for. IMO. Sigh.

But Jack isn’t the only reason to watch the show, the cast is filled with characters you’ll either love or hate. I cried, actually mourned for days, when Edgar died. I've also jumped out of my chair and cheered when others got what they deserved.

And if it’s action you crave, 24 has got it. There is a definite storyline, stop the terrorists and save the world, but there are so many subplots woven there isn’t time much time to relax. These subplots take you into the personal lives of the characters and in a short time you are vested in their well-being, like Edgar and his mother. (Grabbing a tissue) Okay, sometimes the what happens in the personal lives of a character has a direct bearing on the ultimate goal of saving the world. Like when Tony’s wife was killed in season 5, he came back in season 8 as a villain. I completely understood where his anger was coming from and I’m hoping the writers will redeem him in this season.

Cliffhangers, if you want to learn what cliffhangers are, watch the show. Ninety percent of the time, at a commercial break there is a cliffhanger. And every week, at the end of the show there is a black moment which will have you counting the hours to until 24 hits the screen again.

Now, If you’re a writer, we can talk about the elements it takes to make a great story such theme, characters, plots, black moments. Which pulls you into a story.

Or if you’re a 24 fan, we can talk 24 and JACK. (GRIN)

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  1. I watched some of season 1 of Keifer, but couldn't get into it. Love some of the newer cable shows...Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, The Closer (okay, not so new). Yay for the book coming out.

  2. We all have our favorites. I don't think I've ever seen any of your favorites. I'll have to check them out.
    Thanks, Kelly. I'm excited.

    I found a several kindred 24 spirits over the last year. One was an editor I met at nationals. We could've talked for hours concerning the show.

    I loved Keifer in the Three Musketeers. He played a tortured soul in the movie too.

  3. Hey, AJ! Stopping in to congratulate you on your first release! Way to go, girl! I'm on my way to download my copy now.

    Sorry to say I don't watch 24. I do love BONES and NCIS, so if anyone wants to talk Gibbs or Booth, I'm there. *g*

  4. Ah, Booth. Yes! I love Bones and crimnal minds too. What does that say about us, Deb?