Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Evil's Witness John's story


Good morning or afternoon or evening. Welcome to my blog. I'm so excited. Evil's Witness offical release date June 18, 2010 is approaching so fast. I'm getting ready for a huge summer blog tour that will end in September.

For the next week, this post will remain up. It's John Dolton's story, my hero in Evil's Witness. On June 16 I will post Stephanie's story and then on June 23, I will pick a winner from those who have left comments at both blog posts. The winner will recieve a e-copy of my January release Obsessed By Wildfire. If you you've already bought OBW, and many of you have, thank you very much, you can choice to receive a $5.00 Starbucks ceritifcate. Each time you comment, your name goes in the hat, so comment on both posts.

A look into John's past.

John Dolton crashed to his knees. The inferno in front of him consumed his life.

His heart pumped against his sterum with strong, wild vibes, but his brain felt starved for oxygen. How could that be?

Heat like tiny flesh straved piranhas gnawed at his skin. He gulped against the pain. Roasting air seared his lungs, expanding them until his chest felt as if were about to explode.

He didn’t care.

“Damn, John, snap out of it.”

He blinked and focued on the fingers clinking inches away from his nose.

“Come on, man. You’ve got to get back.” He heard his partner’s cry but Luke’s voice was diffused, coming at him from several directions.

Something looped under his arms and yanked him upward, lifting his dead weight off his knees—the ones that had given way when he’d seen his life gone.
The heels of his boots marked the tarmac with duel tracks as he was drugged away from the wreckage. He didn’t fight. He couldn't. Every muscle in his body had died. His gaze remained on the windows of what once was his SUV.

Staring beyond the flaming bizarre tongues licking at the vehicle’s roof, he saw his wife and little girl as he had left them only ten minutes ago. Happy. Laughing. Anticipating a long overdue family vacation.

“Why?” A screamed like that of a savage, wounded animal rivaled sirens.
He searched the faces staring at him. Wide-eyed, brow ceased, sad faces stared back.
Had the horrendous cry come from him?



He had to save them.

Adreline surged through his veins and John pulled from the force that pulled him back.

Luke’s grip tightened.

“Let me go. I've got to try.” John twisted and swung a fist at his partner’s jaw, but Luke ducted in time.

Pain ripped through John's shoulder as Luke grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back.

“They’re gone, John. You can’t save them.”

The agency’s emergency response team raced around the inferno, but John knew in his heart they were too late. He was too late. He had failed to keep Julie and Katie safe.

With the dousing of the flames, John caught a glimpse of the smothering arm lying on the sidewalk against the store front a moment before a fireman covered it with a white plastic sheet. A silver band encircled had the tiny wrist.


John swore a fiery rod pieced his gut. He grabbed his ribs and a second later hurdledthe egg-muffin ate an hour ago.

“We’ll get them. I promise you.” Luke’s voice shook as he held John. “I swear. I will die before they get away with this.”


John fell to the sidewalk. Cold laughter mingled with the taste of vomit in his mouth. Luke nor he knew who they were.

They had taken his reason to live. When he found them, they would wish this day had never happened too.


  1. Wow! This is a powerful scene! I can't wait to read this story!! :)

  2. What a powerful and moving scene. It sent chills down my spine. Another book for my huge To buy list.



  3. Thanks, Melissa and Margaret. John is such a tourched soul over his lost. His only hope to keep him self-destruction is Stephanie.

    I hope you truly enjoy Evil's Witness.

  4. WOW! That was some excerpt. I've only read a tiny bit and you got me going! Very good Autumn, in fact pretty amazing!!
    So exciting, and already I am on his side to fight whoever caused such a horrible thing!

  5. Glad you're putting on your gloves, Mary. Please let me know what you feel about the rest of the story.

    I'll see you at the release party at the Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers next Friday, right?

  6. What impact that scene has! I want to help this guy get over his losses. Of course he'd have to be into older women.

  7. This is a great story so far, can't wait to see what happens next.