Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cabin Fever 101

Cursor… Cursor…

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and it seems everyone is talking about it. Well, I’m not going to.

Let’s talk Cabin Fever 101 instead.

Those of you who know me, know I love winter. I love everything about it, except for the short daylight hours and ice on highways. I can handle snow without problems. But this year, I’m anxious for spring to pop. I guess maybe I’m getting a touch of cabin fever.

I’ve come up with a few things that make me feel better.

1)Get outside when you can. Shovel, walk or just play in the snow. It’s amazing how making and throwing a snowball can make you feel. You’ll bring back memories you’ve buried and get a little exercise in the process.

2)Shut off the TV and put on some music. Turn it up and dance.

3)Exercise and stretch in the sunlight. You’ll break a sweat like it’s a summer day.

4)Grab a cookbook and make one of those recipes that you always say you don’t have time to make. Practice a dish you’ll take to those summer picnics and get a WOW. Once you do this, you’ll do it again.

5)There is always a home project that needs to be done and we always say if I had the time to do this I would. Like clean out the closets. Now is the time. Get ready for the spring outfits.

6)Plan your garden and order your seedlings.

7)Plant some seeds or bulbs in pots. I’m doing cuttings off of impatient s I brought in last fall and planting herbs. I love the smell and taste of fresh basil and oregano. Spring will be yours in a few weeks.

8)Detail your car. Yup. Salt is bad for a car. Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re saying it’ll only get dirty again. Sure it will but one layer is easier to clean off than two or three.

9)Take a calendar and mark down projects that need to be done throughout the year. If you noticed a draft near a window, put it on the calendar to caulk the window as soon as the weather allows.

10)Clean up your golf clubs, and carefully putt in a safe area of your house. Check the pressure in your basketball and dribble. Practice your tennis swing off the garage wall. If there is a will, there is a way.

To combat cabin fever we need to get up off our butts and move. Get the blood circulating. Get our mind that has been hibernating thinking, and enjoy and use the time of year.

So my question today is how do you combat the anxiety of cabin fever?


  1. My only suggestion is getting a sun when you can even through a window is good. Vitamin D helps combat the cabin crazies

  2. Definitely need Vitamin D. I'm glad I live on a mountain, closer to the rays and far enough away from prying eyes. WINK