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Obsessed By Wildfire is 1

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This week I'm celebrating both Valentine's Day and Obsessed By Wildfire's one year anniversary by sharing a spicy excerpt and awarding one lucky winner an e-copy of Obsessed By Wildfire. All you need to do is leave a comment and answer this question; Do Isobel and Warner fall in love? The winner will be announced on Friday evening 5 pm EST, just in time for the weekend. GRIN So have some cyber-champagne and enjoy!

I hope the excerpt warms up your Valentine's Day. (Disclaimer: The excerpt is spicy)

Obsessed By Wildfire

Coming up on her ranch, Isobel slapped the turn signal down and maneuvered her truck and horse van through the gate to her driveway. The house lights, set on timers for ten o’clock, clicked on as she pulled up to the barn.

Yup, that’s what she’d do after she fed Lizzy. She’d invite Warner into the house and have her way with him. One night of hot, sweaty sex and she’d be completely over the guy.

As she turned off the ignition, Isobel looked out her side mirror again and saw Warner unfold from his car. He swaggered toward her, tucking his shirttail into his tight jeans, chin held high, shoulders squared, purpose in his eyes. Reminded her of a proud lion about to make his move. He had something on his mind as well.

She unsnapped her seatbelt the moment Warner opened her door. On a light breeze, his musk rolled over her, arousing her, playing with her senses.

He looked around the grounds. “You’ve got a nice place here. Yellow barn and all.”

“Don’t start.” Isobel remained seated. Perched on the seat of a four by four, she still had to look up at him. “The place needs a lot of work. I inherited it from my grandmother last year.”

“Then you don’t live with your parents?”

The muscular cords of his left arm stretched as he held the door frame. The space between them grew steamy. “No. Why would you think I live with my parents?”

“I don’t know. Big ranch. Beautiful tiny woman.”

“I’m not beaut—”

“Yes, you are and you know it.”

Under the cab light and Warner’s gaze, Isobel’s cheeks and heart warmed. The Yankee wasn’t throwing her a line. He actually thought she was beautiful.

“So we’re alone?” His gaze drifted, first to her lips and then lower, making every nerve in her body zing.

“No one within miles.” She dropped her demure gaze to his crotch and her body tightened. Yeah, he wanted her. There was the hard evidence. Evidence that made Isobel wonder if one night would be enough to satisfy her desires. “Should I be nervous?”

“Are you?”

She licked the want from her lips. Definitely a long weekend would be needed to take care of her itch. “No.”

Lizzy whinnied.

“I should get her out of the trailer.”

“I make you nervous.”

“No you don’t.”

“Liar.” Warner grabbed her and spun her around on the seat, stepping in between her legs. “What do you think you’re doing?” His strong forearms flexed under her palms while his hands cupped her face. The rough pads of Warner’s thumbs brushed her cheekbones. He leaned into the cab and softly said, “Exactly what you want me to do.”

His mouth covered hers, tenderly at first, but a building urgency was not far behind. Hot desire rushed through Isobel’s veins and pooled between her legs.

Wanting to feel all of him, Isobel ran her hands up his arms, over his broad shoulders and to his back, pulling him closer. She melted against Warner, crushing her breasts against his chest. His thigh spread her legs while their kiss deepened.

Lizzy whinnied again. This time louder. The horse’s hoofs pounded the trailer floor. The motion rocked Issy against Warner and she moaned. With her hands on his shoulders, breathless, Isobel pushed back and licked Warner’s taste from her lips. “I’ve got to take care of her. It’ll only take me a few minutes and then we can continue this in the house.”

“Are you sure?”

“If you don’t finish what you’ve started, I might burst into flames.”
**** Can't wait to read more you can buy Obsessed By Wildfire here OBW or at Amazon and if you're selected as my winner, you can request the file be sent to a friend.

Happy Valentine's Day. AJ


  1. Oh, my guess is that they definitely fall in love. Hope you and your Valentine have a lovely evening.

  2. *Grin* - Well I certainly hope they do fall in love. They've got GREAT chemistry - phew!

    My answer is yes too : )

  3. Happy Valentine, Autumn. I'm starting mine with your blog. Nice excerpt to warm a day.

  4. Congrats Autumn! And Happy Valentines Day to you. Lovely excerpt!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day AND happy birthday to "Obsessed by Wildfire". I've read it and it is an AWESOME READ that I highly recommend. Loved it!

  6. Great excerpt, Autumn! Just what I needed to start my day. I'm going to guess they fall in love. But then again, I'm a romantic so I always vote for love.

    Happy Valentine's Day. <3

  7. Gwyn, Laverne, Beth, Mona, Mauve and Sarah, I'm so glad you stopped by and enjoyed the excerpt of OBW. And, Mauve, thank you for your kind words.

  8. Great excerpt. Happy Valentine's Day - good way to being a Monday.

  9. Great writing. Loved the excerpt--and the crack about the yellow barn. Made me chuckle. I'm voting for love, but then don't we all?

  10. Thanks, Vonnie. The yellow barn is the catalyst for the beginning of the book. Isobel is not happy at all. LOL.

  11. I loved the excerpt Autumn! Seems like just yesterday for me too!
    But, for you this is gonna be a great ride, I just know it!

  12. Hi Autumn :) I do think they will fall in love... they're already in lust, lol


  13. Happy Valentine!!!!!^^

    Congrats Autumn!


  15. I'm going to guess they fall in love

    happy valentine!!

  16. I do think they will fall in love ♥


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    Have a wonderful weekend.