Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wine Sippin'


Last week, my husband and I ventured up the PA Turnpike with a few friends to the Seneca Finger Lake in New York for some wine sippin’ and cherry pickin’. If you’ve never visited the region, you must. Not only for the delicious wines but also for the beauty. Here’s a picture of the lake from one of the wineries.

Our first stop is always the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop in Old Forge, PA. I didn’t get a picture of the shop because I was too busy eating a warm doughnut right off the line and wines were calling.

Our second stop was this great little family restaurant in Watkins Glen which is at the base of the lake. They serve great pancakes and awesome homemade raisin bread. The first time I went with this crew of friends I asked why were stopping to eat again. I was promptly told I needed food in my stomach with all the wine we’d be sippin’. I thought we were going to two or three wineries. HA. Try twenty something. So yes, you must have a full stomach to absorb all the wine.

This trip we took 414 up the east side of the lake first instead of going our usual route up Rt14 on the west side. The first stop was the Silver Springs Winery. I think it’s fairly new, just getting started. Not real big like some of the other established wineries, but you don’t want to miss it.This nice man poured me a glass of his Peach Paradise wine which was to die for. Of course, I purchased a bottle and on this hot July afternoon, I intend to sip it by the pool.

Then we visited a fairly new winery, J.R. Dill. My friends loaded up there on their dry wines. I’m a sweet wine drinker. Hector Wine Company was the next stop where I purchased a bottle of their pink table wine called Lake Rat. Sounds like something you’d sit on your table, huh? So good though. You need to try it.

The next stop was The Standing Stone Vineyards. OMG, I fell in love with their ICE wines. The woman who waited on us was very patient and offered up several sips again and again, until I finally made up my mind and decided to take home their 2008 Gewurztraminer Ice. I’m not a selfish person, but I just might keep this whole bottle hidden just for myself. Or I could make another trip to NY.

We continued up the highway and came across a cherry farm near Tickle Hill winery. Of course we stopped. The cherries were the reason my DH came along. He’s not a wine kinda’ of guy. More a beer man. Here he is picking cherries. It was fun and the cherries were so yummy.

Near the top of the lake we crossed over to the Cayuga Lake are and I’m so glad they did. We found the Swedish Hill Vineyard and I found a Glogg wine that is going to warm me up this winter. So full of spice. It will be perfect for a snowy night in front of the fire. I also fell in love with their Radical Raspberry. A good raspberry wine was the reason I came on the trip and I found it here.

We raced around the top of the lake and headed south with one winery in mind, Torrey Ridge Winery. This is a must stop for us. We love their Black Jewel and this time I picked up their Summer Delight, a strawberry wine.

We ended our day at Seneca Lake having dinner on the lake at Watkins Glen. It was so relaxing sitting next to the water, watching the boats, forgetting all the responsibilities we shoulder, and enjoying great food and ice tea with good friends. I can’t wait to go back.

What goes good with wine? A great book. Check out In The Presence Of Evil.


  1. What beautiful pics Autumn, and your descriptions are wonderful too. Sounds such fun.

  2. It was, Beth. Have you ever visted the Finger Lakes?

  3. What a fun trip! I have seen Ice Wines in stores, but have never tasted one. Now I MUST!

    Being from California, we get spoiled about wine, but I love to hear about small wineries all over the country.

    Thanks for a fun blog.

  4. I've never been to CA, Lynne. Would love to visit NAPA Valley one day.

    I was told you serve Ice wines with dessert. o me their were dessert. Yum.

  5. Hi Autumn, what a lovely trip. Thanks for sharing the experience and pictures.

  6. Torrey Ridge is our absolute favorite!! Glad you enjoyed your trip there!!

  7. Thanks, for stopping by Mona and Melissa.

    So much wine and so little time to sip. I need to work on that. LOL