Friday, July 29, 2011

100 Ways To Relax On A Fine Summer Day

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Our lives are filled with stress. At times, I feel I'm challenging the speed of light. My plan, today, was to list 100 ways to relax on a fine summer day, but sadly, I failed. I came up with 70. Do you have any suggestions?

1) Watch the sunrise.
2) Take five deep breaths.
3) Enjoy your morning coffee or tea with the birds.
4) Walk in the morning dew barefooted.
5) Write your thoughts in a journal.
6) Stretch. Reach for the sun and then mother earth.
7) Feed nature.

8) Pick a few wildflowers for your table.
9) Take a stroll, not a power walk.
10) Put some music on and dance.
11) Play an instrument. Don’t have one. Whistle.
12) Take a bubble bath.
13) Watch a funny movie or a show from your childhood. I love Top Cat.
14) Go for a bike ride.
15) Lounge in the baby’s pool.
16) Turn your face to the sun and breath.
17) Study the symmetry of a leaf or a flower.
18) Squirt your kids with the hose.
19) Take a power walk. Blood flow clears the mind.
20) Tell a joke. Laugh.
21) Watch the clouds drift across the sky.

22) Pluck a fresh peach or plum from the tree and take a juicy bite.
23) Get lost in a great book. I’ll suggest one of mine.
24) Sip a glass of lemonade or iced tea.
25) The hammock in the yard, use it.
26) Run through the sprinkler spray.
27) Eat a crisp salad.
28) Color your sidewalks with chalk. The kids will show you how.
29) Have lunch on a blanket.
30) Float in the pool.
31) Have some cold fruit.
32) Play ball with the dog.
33) Stick your feet in a rambling brook.
34) Fly a kite.
35) Find some mud and squish your toes in it.
36) Visit a museum.
37) No museums nearby, open an art book or site and view the works.
38) Finger paint. Make your own art.
39) Have a triple scoop ice cream cone.
40) Skip.
41) Get a safety pin, some string and a stick and go fishing.
42) Catch some lightening bugs, but please let them go.
43) Play red light with your kids.

44) Watch a ball game.
45) Make your own snow cones.
46) Write and send a card to a friend.
47) Enjoy a rootbeer float.
48) Snap some nature shots. You’ll appreciate them in January.
49) Go wine tasting. Check my last blog.
50) Close your eyes and listen to babbling water.
51) Hit a ball. Golf, baseball, kickball, tennis, soccer.
52) Chat with a friend. Laugh.
53) Pitch a tent. All you need is a sheet and a clothes line.
54) Play flashlight tag with your kids.
55) Swing.
56) Skip a rock across a pond.
57) Pet a pet or go to a petting zoo.
58) Raft down a river.
59) Take a drive with all the windows down and the music turned up.
60) Have dinner on a blanket.

61) Watch the sunset while sitting on the hood of your car.
62) Make a face and cause someone to laugh.
63) Toast a marshmallow until just perfect.
64) Enjoy the baby pool or the grownup pool or the hot tub under the stars.
65) Massage your feet and legs with scented lotion.
66) Light a candle.
67) Enjoy an icy fruit drink. Wine works for me.
68) Lie down and put your feet up above your head.
69) Stare at the stars and moon.
70) Hold someone special in your arms or heart.


  1. 71. Start a scrapbook so you can document these precious snapshots of time. :)

  2. Good one, Deb. I don't scrapbook myself but I know a few ladies who do. They're cool.