Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love Scene; Love Them Or Hate Them?

Cursor.. Cursor…

Who loves a good love scene?

I do too, but lately while reading, I find myself flipping pages and skipping over them. Why?

And why are there books on my shelves that will fall open to the love scenes?
I pass over some love scenes and devour others because of the characters. It’s that simple. The author made me love the characters. While reading the stories I became invested in their lives and their dreams. I would refer to them by name instead of the heroine and hero when telling others about the story. I wanted the woman to find the man of her dreams because, damn, she deserved a good man. And I want the man to realize she was the piece of his heart he’d been searching for all his life. I wanted the perfect-for-each-other couple to come together as one. (excuse the pun)

The thing about love scenes, when the author has written remarkably real characters and has me totally invested, I don’t need the total physical description of mating for me to enjoy the story. A scene leading up to a hungry first kiss with the door closing shortly afterwards will leave me just as satisfied. In fact, leaving the details of the physical connection to my own imagination is sometimes much better. I hate slot A into slot B writing.

So what is your opinion— What makes a good love scene for you? And do you prefer the door to remain open?


  1. It really depends on why the love scene is there. I don't like it when it's thrown in just for the sake of a sex scene or to "spice" it up. I want it to be there because it causes a plot twist, further develops a character or a relationship, or makes sense for that part of the story.

  2. I feel the same way. Sometimes it needs to be written and sometimes it's best to let the reader use their imagition.

    Thanks for stopping by, Rachael.