Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Like Candy

Yup. Your eyes are not going bad. It's a winter scene. Infact, the picture is of my front drive on Halloween last year.

You're wondering what the picture has to do with candy. Read on.

I’m a winter person. I truly am. But there is something fabulous about lying next to the pool with an icy glass of lemonade by your side, the scent suntan lotion wafting in the air, listening to oldies from the past and losing yourself in a great book. I cherish those seconds. Yup. You read right, seconds.

My TBR pile is huge. Right now, I'm reading two books, when I have a few minutes, and listening to another while I walk or drive. Life is busy on our mountain top. We had an early summer and it's been terribly hot and humid. The weather has made for superb swimming.

I’ve always had the Kool-aid house. It’s not a complaint. I love having all the kids around. Their smiles and laughter are energizing, and watching the young couples racing after each other, giggling and laughing brings back so many memories of new love. Witnessing all this, how can a romance writer not have a hundred and two plot ideas running through her mind?


The hundred and two plot ideas are my problem right now and what is where the candy comes in. I finished editing my next book and have started another suspense, but because of my surroundings, I have an urge to write something fun and a little lighter, like Obsessed By Wildfire. So today, and tomorrow, while joining eight other writers in a plotting pool party, I'll be brainstorming a new story. I'm so excited. I feel like a kid standing in front of the famed Wegman’s candy wall wondering which morsel I should munch first. Maybe I should try writing a YA(yound adult), since I have such great material running in and out the door and into the pool every few minutes? LOL Or should I start a summer love story or think ahead to the snowy days of winter.

I will let you know next week what I decided.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy a great read this week.

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