Friday, July 20, 2012

Seized By Darkness is out!

A severe July storm rolls across the wetlands of New Jersey, signifying both fear and hope. The C.U.F.F. Team zeroes in on its target. However, when U.S. Marshal Will Haus anticipates the call to go, his sting is shut down. The storm the leaves in its quake an attempted murder and three lives on the run.

Seized By Darkness Available now on Amazon.

Eight long years hostage Nicole Carson has lived a nightmare as the mistress of a mafia lord. When her captor brings home another kidnapped victim, she seizes the opportunity to save herself, her son and the young girl, leaving the Russian for dead. In order to stay alive and save the family she hasn’t seen in years from the mafia family’s wrath, she must disappear as if she’s never existed.

A sting to bring down the largest human trafficking ring in the country goes south for U.S. Marshal William Haus and his C.U.F.F. team. C.U.F.F. catches a break when the mistress of the Russian kingpin is captured with a kidnapped victim. Will bargains with the beautiful mistress. If she helps secure evidence against the mafia, she’ll earn a new life for her and her son. But when Will learns Nicole’s true identity, he wants to call the operation off. Nicole begs the handsome marshal to keep her secret and allow her to put her life on the line for her family.

A game of cat and mouse plays out between the U.S. Marshal and the ruthless Russian. The prize neither man wants to give up is Nicole.

I hope you enjoy! AJ

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