Saturday, January 7, 2017

10 Unusual Ways To Beat January Morning Blues

Happy New Year everyone!

Even though the day light hours are increasing, the bright lights of the holidays have disappeared and that leaves many feeling depressed. To help I came up with ten unusual/ hipped up ways that I feign off the January blues. I hope they help someone.

1) Put your lights on a timer to go on ten minutes before your alarm goes off. January is dark and we all know light is a mood lifter, so lift that mood before you even open your eyes.

2) Is there anything worse than getting out of bed and freeze your buns off. Set your heat to turn up before that alarm goes off. Five degrees mean a lot. So in invest in a digital thermostat or use a timer for a little space heater and get that warm feeling.

3) Wake up to music, harmonies that will make you want to dance. Change the channel every few days so that you don’t get bored. Dancing is great exercise.

4) Don’t have time to exercise in the morning, take five minutes to stretch like a lazy cat and then dance. Have stairs? Go down and then back up again and down again before moving on. Great exercise!

5) Make your bed. It is a proven fact that if you do the simple act you will feel accomplished, shaking off the blues. You will get the same feeling each time you pass by your haven. And a made bed is much more inviting when it’s time to retire. Add a pile of decorative pillows or a throw for that resort feel. (Sales are happening all over or make your own. See #10)

6) Set and write down a goal for the next day before five p.m.. A written goal helps motivate you and gives a sense of accomplishment. Why before 5 p.m.? Because the evening is your (me) time. Time to relax and enjoy family and or work on something of passion. Setting the goal before 5 p.m. gives you sense of purpose and takes the job off your mind, until it’s time to work on it.

7) Do something for someone. It can be as easy as sending a text to someone you know is going through a stressful time. Check on an elderly neighbor. Write a letter to a friend or a child. Kids love getting letters and it will get them to read. Buy someone a cup of cocoa. Hugs are great. A smile costs nothing. The holiday season isn’t the only time of the year for acts of kindness.

8) Five minutes of fresh air will lift the spirits if you let it. Enjoy the season for what it is. Throw a snowball. Let a snowflake melt on your tongue. Study the stars from a different angle. And if you hate winter, know its days are numbered. It’s all about attitude.

9) Get out of the house and the work place. I’m assuming if you’re reading this you’re a reader, so go to the library or book store. Smell the stacks. Talk to others about what they are reading. Just stay out of the cabin for a little while.

10) Do what you love. I love doing many things; reading, hiking, gardening, ceramics, crafts with the kids, skating, sledding, puzzles, etc. etc. etc. Winter isn’t the best time for gardening, but I can tend to my houseplants. Winter is my time to do ceramics and puzzles, because when spring hits, I’m out and about. So fill your time with activities that you love to do.

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