Sunday, February 17, 2019

Good morning,

Aren’t Sundays the best? Especially when you’re off work and the sun is shining bright. While I do enjoy chatting with people at day job, I’m a pure-at-heart-homebody. I just love days in which I don’t need to be out the door by a certain time. Days that the realm of possibilities in limitless.
One thing I love to do on days like this is connect with friends. This morning, I spent several hours online with a friend Lenee as we worked on our new works. Silently, we wrote lines that we hope readers will gobble up for years to come. I also, spent time with three grandsons, making king-size breakfasts for all. There is no meal better than a homemade Sunday breakfast.

What does the afternoon hold for me? My options are wide open. I could wash my car. I do like driving a shiny car. I could take a walk and feel the winter’s air on face. I could binge watch Outlander, again. Yup I’m a fan. I could grab that hard-cover book I bought before Christmas and get lost in another world. Whatever I do, I know I’ll enjoy. I hope you enjoy your day too!

Tell me what your favorite Sunday breakfast is.

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