Thursday, June 14, 2018


Men just don’t understand, but we can’t live without them and if we’re honest with ourselves, we wouldn’t want to, right? What am I talking about?
Recently, I lost the diamond from my engagement ring. Every woman whose ever been in love and has received one knows how special the ring is. It symbolizes the love he feels for you. When you lose you DH, as I did several years ago, the meaning of that ring amplifies by tens of thousands. It’s the remaining physical reminder of his love.

When I realized I lost my diamond, my brother and son immediately answered my call for help to check the drains in the house. When we didn’t find it, I was heartbroken and reduced to tears. My brother immediately said, “Don’t worry. I’ll buy you one twice as big.” More tears came. While I appreciated his gesture to make me feel better, I fell deeper into depression because no one in my house (all guys) understood what I was feeling. Or at least that is what I thought, until I posted on Facebook. I never mentioned anything on social media about my DH’s fight with cancer or when I lost him. In fact, I hadn’t posted anything for more than six months afterwards, notta, nothing. After this experience I feel maybe I was wrong not to, because the overwhelming emotional support from my followers has been tremendous. Maybe I wouldn’t have spent a year fighting depression if I’d opened up.

While trying to work on my next hero, this experience reminded that men do think, act and express their emotions differently. They look at the world as if it’s black and white instead of through shades of gray. They express themselves differently, sometimes through jokes, or not at all. Their hearts are encased in armor while we carry ours exposed to all. They talk differently. If you’d want to read a great blog on this topic, look at Ruby Rita Henuber’s blog GUY SPEAK She nails the subject.

I’m going to keep in mind the reactions I’m getting from men over my lost while I work sketch out my next hero. Do you have any examples of a good-hearted man just being a guy?

FYI: It's day 5 of my great diamond search and still no luck, but I'm not going to lose hope.

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