Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yeah! It's A Party! Obsessed By WildFire releases today.

Woohooo! Today is the day I’ve dreamt of for so long. My first novel release, OBSESSED BY WILDFIRE is on the cyber-bookshelves at The Wild Rose Press.

OBSESSED BY WILDFIRE is rated HOT! I wish I could make the lettering for HOT red, but blogger doesn’t work that way. Anyway, I didn’t know I could write HOT. My editor thinks I could write erotica. My answer to her is a topic for another blog.

The story, set in the Texas town of Wayback, is about a woman who meets a man who could distract her from her accomplishing her dreams. I love the banter Isobel Trinidad’s emotional conflict causes between her and the sexy fire marshal, Warner Keyson. The couple made me chuckle. By the end of the book, Isobel learns love can make dreams sweeter. Obsessed By Wildfire has all the elements I love in a book. Suspense, a hero that is eye candy and a damn nice guy who also has a sense of humor, and a strong smart heroine. If you love those elements too, pop over to The Wild Rose Press and for less than a cappuccino you can download OBSESSED BY WILDFIRE and have a couple hours of pure entertainment.


Isobel side-stepped and leaned into the horse. Out of nowhere, the beast pushed Isobel with its large head, knocking her off balance. She stumbled face forward against a pickup.

Warner jumped. Large hoofs pawed. Huge teeth sneered.

The horse was attacking Isobel. Warner’s heart lodged in his throat, cutting off his cry. He rushed forward intending to save her from the beast. How? He didn’t know, but he had to try.

“Giddy-up.” He flung his arms wildly as he ran toward the horse. “Giddy-up out of here.”

Isobel rolled over on the fender. She stared wide-eyed back at him. Oh, God. She looked confused, stunned.

The beast circled, kicking up gravel. The whites of its eyes were phantoms in the night. Its head reared in the air, yanking Isobel’s arm.

Gravel flew as he slid to a stop. The reins were wound around her wrist. If the horse took off, he’d drag Isobel. She’d be seriously hurt.

His chest rose and fell rapidly. Sweat formed on his upper lip. Slowly, Warner lowered his arms. He swallowed hard trying to clear the lump in his throat and to sound calm. “Wait. Don’t run, horsy.”

“Shit, Warner. Are you out of your mind? What are you doing?”

Me again. I chuckled while writing this scene. If you’d like to read the entire story, and I hope you will, here is the link to The Wild Rose Press home page. Obsessed By Wildfire goes on sale at high noon!

And if you’d like to see a trailer for Obsessed By Wildfire here is a link to that as well.


In celebration of my first release, everyone who leaves a comment here this week will have their names dropped into my own Stetson. (Yes, cowgirls wear stetsons too.) From there, on Feb. 3, 2010, I will pick one lucky winner who will recieve a gift certificate to Star Bucks. Also, everyone who emails the correct answers to with contest answers in the subject line will be entered into a special drawing for a $25.00 B & N certificate.

The winner for the comments will be announced here next Wednesday when the awesome Margie Lawson will be my featured guest.

Finally, I will announce the winner for the three questions contest on Feb. 14, 2010 at 5pm EST. Good luck everyone.

1) What is the name of Isobel's horse?
2) What is the color of Isobel's Taxi?
3) Who did Warner pull his gun on?


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

24 Does It For Me


You know when I only cursor once, I probably have my subject matter already pinned down. I do. 24.

I’m absolutely nuts over the action-packed television show. I’ve been a fan since season 4, when I found the series. I immediately had to find seasons 1, 2 and 3. What is it about the show that makes me count the days until it airs, has me warning all of my family and friends not to call while it is on, and turns me into a superhuman and grab the power for the big screen television from my husband? JACK.

Kiefer Sutherland’s character Jack is one of the reasons the show has me hook. He is a fearless tortured soul. He is a man whose morals will not be comprised. The man fell in love once in the eight seasons, and even though he and Audrey have gone their different ways, he has not had another relationship. Well, there was that woman in season five—a small town woman who made him think, maybe I could live a normal week or two without terrorists, but in the end Jack knew who his heart still wished for. IMO. Sigh.

But Jack isn’t the only reason to watch the show, the cast is filled with characters you’ll either love or hate. I cried, actually mourned for days, when Edgar died. I've also jumped out of my chair and cheered when others got what they deserved.

And if it’s action you crave, 24 has got it. There is a definite storyline, stop the terrorists and save the world, but there are so many subplots woven there isn’t time much time to relax. These subplots take you into the personal lives of the characters and in a short time you are vested in their well-being, like Edgar and his mother. (Grabbing a tissue) Okay, sometimes the what happens in the personal lives of a character has a direct bearing on the ultimate goal of saving the world. Like when Tony’s wife was killed in season 5, he came back in season 8 as a villain. I completely understood where his anger was coming from and I’m hoping the writers will redeem him in this season.

Cliffhangers, if you want to learn what cliffhangers are, watch the show. Ninety percent of the time, at a commercial break there is a cliffhanger. And every week, at the end of the show there is a black moment which will have you counting the hours to until 24 hits the screen again.

Now, If you’re a writer, we can talk about the elements it takes to make a great story such theme, characters, plots, black moments. Which pulls you into a story.

Or if you’re a 24 fan, we can talk 24 and JACK. (GRIN)

Coming JANUARY 27, 2010 from The Wild Rose Press, OBSESSED BY WILDFIRE.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Guest: Diane Craver

Joining me today, January 13, 2010, is author Diane Craver. Diane and I have been friends for ten plus years and have yet to meet. We came in contact under very strange circumstances, laughed about it and have been cyber-buddies ever since. She has written one of the most beautiful Christmas stories I think I've ever read-The Christmas of 1957. I'm glad to be her host today.

Diane, congratulations on your new release, Marrying Mallory. Would you like to tell us a little about the story? And where readers can buy the book?

In my January release, Mallory isn't happy with herself because she's divorced. She feels strong guilt that she couldn't forgive her cheating ex-husband. As a Christian, she doesn't feel that she has the right to get married again. Also she is unhappy about her outward appearance. She loses fifteen pounds but that isn't enough. She decides to do something for herself and goes to see a plastic surgeon, Dr. Seth Whitman, to have rhinoplasty. Immediately, her life becomes complicated because she's attracted to the doctor. Seth feels the same way about her, and he has trouble maintaining a doctor-patient relationship.

By the way, I have a trailer for Marrying Mallory. Here's the link:

Marrying Mallory is available at http://www.desertbreezepublishing. Amazon kindle, and

You've written some very inspiring novels. Where do you find your inspiration? Come up with your ideas/plots?

My inspiration for my novels comes from my life experiences and from the news. For Marrying Mallory I used a personal experience that I felt would make for a realistic character. I got into Mallory's mind completely because I know what it's like not to have a cute small nose.

I wrote Whitney in Charge because I thought it'd be fun to write a story about sisters. By the way, I'm the youngest in my family. I have three older sisters and one brother. I decided to have Shannon and Regan, the older sisters, play matchmakers to help Whitney in meeting a new man.

In Never the Same, I chose to reveal Kimberly Collins and Tori Moorhead's stories when I heard of a woman walking away from a plane crash and wanting to change her life. I thought how no one would be the same person after coming close to death. What if I survived an accident where many people died? Would I change my life? My imagination took this idea to develop the story for Never the Same.

Do your books have a common theme and if so what is it?

A common theme in my books would be how the characters' faith is a big help to them when they are faced with tragedy or some major life change.

Out of all your characters, do you have a favorite?

That's tough because I like so many of my characters.  They all become very real to me. But Debby Reeves comes to my mind because I just recently talked to eighth graders about my Christmas book. The students read it for a class assignment, so it was fun to revisit the Reeves' family from The Christmas of 1957. I loved writing about seven-year-old Debby because of the impact she has on her family.

Do you research your story before you write it? Or as you go?

I research careers and settings before I actually start writing. For example, in Whitney in Charge, I bought a book about broadcasting since the main character's career had been a TV news producer. She wants to start her own talk show with her sisters' help in their small town. In my chick-lit mystery, A Fiery Secret, I researched investigative reporting for my feisty female reporter, Catherine Steel.

Is there a craft book that resonated with you and you'd suggest to others?

Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass is a great book whether you're a beginning writer or already a published author. Some of my friends think his workbook is also very helpful, but I've only read the novel.

What is one thing your readers would find interesting about you?

Well, when I was young, I wanted to have 12 children someday. I didn't make it to 12 but we were blessed with 5 daughters and one son.

Do you have a next book planned and if so can we have a hint?

I've written several story ideas down for future books, but haven't started writing any chapters yet. I have the characters and several scenes in mind for each book. I'm probably going to start writing soon the story about a family going through an unimaginable accident.

And finally, where can readers find you?

I have a website, and a blog, I'm also on Facebook.

Dianne, thank you so much for interviewing me and for being a wonderful online friend for years.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's Dance

Cursor, Cursor, Cursor…

Let’s dance. January is a depressing month for many. Some of you might begin to cry cabin-fever as soon as the ball in Times Square drops. Why is that? If you’re one of the millions who suffers each year from SAD or cabin-fever would you love to, well, not suffer?

I love winter. I’m not one to suffer from SAD or cabin-fever, but my body does slow down and the mind seems to say, “Okay, if you’re not going to move, I might as well rest too.” I didn’t want that to happen to me this year. I’ve set some pretty aggressive goals for 2010 (listed under my 1/1/10 blog), which is going to be a very busy with two sons getting married and a grandson to arrive in late April, AND two books coming out (one in 21 days. Yikes!), so I decided last week before the old year was waving Tata to get myself primed for the coldest months if the year, here in the NE USA.

I began to dance in the morning as a form of exercise. I love to dance. My husband not so much. So, the minute he is out the door, I’m struttin’ my stuff to any beat I want. In just one week, my energy level has soared. Yes, even after a very busy holiday season, I’ve got tons of energy.

If you don’t believe me that dancing can do this, here are some articles verifying the benefits of shaling your booty. Check them out.

Another great thing about dancing, you don’t need a video or a special piece of equipment or to go out of the house. Just crank up the music and dance. Dance in the sunlight. Dance you way through January.

Do you have a way to fend off SAD or cabin fever you’d like to share? Or have you seen another article on dancing for health? If so, please share the link.

With each post during January, I’m giving away a few more AUTUMN JORDON pocket-calendars. One commenter will be selected from each post (must have a USA address) and not only will I send that winner one for his/herself but also two more for their best friends. So please leave a comment..

Next week, Author Diane Craver joins me. The author of the most moving Christmas story I’ve ever read. Please stop by.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! 2010 Is going to be a year of change, I can feel it. I've always look at change as a good thing. Change happens and we have the opportunity to learn new things. I love the challegne of learning new things.

Have you made your New Year's resoluations yet? Have you set goals for 2010? Before you do read my last post. (GOAL BUSTER)

I'm writing my 2010 goals here for all to view. I will also be printing them out and taping to my daytimer, inside the bathroom, mirror and by my computer at home and at work.

1) I'm going to take more time with friends.
2) I'm going ask myself 'Do I really need this?' before making purchases.
3) I'm going to declutter the house, starting with the holiday decorations I didn't use in years.
4) I'm going to drink more milk and water, less soda, exercise five times a week for at least thirty minutes and lose 15 pounds.
5) I'm going to submit my next book to my editor.
6) I'm going to write my another book.
7) Funds are going to be tight this year, with four weddings (two fo them sons) and new grandbabies coming, so conferences might not be on my calendar, unless the money tree sprouts, but I'm going to take three on-line classes. First one is with Margie Lawson in a few weeks.
8) I'm going to read ten books outside my genre.
9) I'm going to continue journaling. (Read my BarTender In The Sky blog)
10) I'm going to take a lesson from my husband, curve my quick tongue and let go of things I have no control.

Okay, that is enought to keep me busy for 2010 what about you? What are your resoluations or goals? If you'd like to post here, great.