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Stressed? My Holiday Philosophy

Holidays are a time for family and friends, but with all we have to do it seems there is little time left over to spend with the family and friends. Let me share my philosophy. Hopefully, it will help relieve the stress you're feeling. Your family and friends will never know or notice what you didn’t get done. They will only see all that you did do.

That's it the nugget of gold, so don't stress.

This year, I’m baking a limited amount of Christmas cookies and not the hundreds of dozens I normally do. There are always so many left over, and I’m the one who tries to eat as many as I can before feeding the rest to the birds and deer. I don't need or have time to spend extra minutes on the treadmill.

Everyone will get one wrapped gift this year, so they get that feeling of opening a surprise package but the rest of the gifts are going into bags or are card gifts.

Christmas breakfast will be a crockpot filled with cream chipped beef which can be made days before. Like soup, it always tastes better a few days later.

Christmas dinner will not be the sit down dinner that we had at Thanksgiving. Instead there will be trays of lasagna, which I also will make days before. Desert will be cookies, chocolates, and pumpkin rolls made days before.

Am I being lazy. No. Life is too busy for us all. I don't want to spend it in the kitchen. I'd rather enjoy the family. Memories are made when you're together, not over the internet.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have any time-saving hints or recipes for this holiday, please share

I wish you a stress free holiday.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


AWESOME! It's the season for holiday cookies. I love cookies.

I hope you're enjoying the Ruby Holiday Cookie Blog Hop. For those of you who are just seeing this on my FB fan page Or Blog, The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood is holding a Holiday Cookie Blog Hop Dec. 8 thru the 12. Join in the fun. Details at We're giving away a great grand prize to one lucky winner plus everyone will gather a lot of great cookie recipes among other offers from my Ruby sisters.

Now for my Cookie Hop item. Below is an excerpt from my Christmas story Perfect-It's on sale from it's regular price of $3.99, so grab a copy today- and the recipe Darcy is using is my/her Aunt's recipe. I hope you enjoy.

If you join my newsletter by clicking Join My Newsletter on the side bar here or at, you'll receive a free digital copy of Obsessed By Wildfire. Lizzie and Warner will warm up your cold nights. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨)✮ (¸.•´✶

*´¨✫) ¸.•´*~`

Excerpt from PERFECT by Autumn Jordon `(copyrighted material)

“Smells great, Mom.” Dillion entered the kitchen and stopped

Jillian and Katy sat at the table with their school books spread out in front of them. Christmas carols played softly from the radio on the kitchen counter. Darcy stood at the stove.

She turned around with a gravy-covered spoon poised a mere inch from her full mouth and smiled. “Hi.”

His heart did a somersault.

“What are you doing here?”

“I stopped by with a rhubarb custard pie.” She pointed to the counter where a deep-dish pie sat. “Your dad mentioned last night it was his favorite and Tom actually had some rhubarb frozen. I had nothing to do today and was kind of bored, so I baked. When I arrived, your mother asked if I could stay with the girls for an hour and watch over the dinner she started while she and your dad ran down the mountain for something.”

“For what?’

“I don’t know actually. Maybe something to do with Christmas,” she whispered and nodded toward the girls, who were being very quiet.

Dylan got the picture. Darcy showed up, they knew what time he would be home, and Mom thought this was an opportunity to show him what it would be like to come home to a real family of his own. He got it. He longed for it. But Darcy wasn’t the one. They’d decided together that a relationship between them would be fruitless.

“Right. So…” he said, turning to the girls. Both sets of eyes shot from him to Darcy and back to him. “Why are the two queens of noise so quiet?”

Darcy placed the spoon on the caddy and wiped her hands on the flowered apron she wore. “Well, Lilac asked me to stay for dinner.” Her brows knitted together. “I hope it’s okay. I said yes.”


A smile bloomed on her rose-colored lips. “Thanks. I hate eating alone. Anyway, I told these two if they do their homework, maybe, after dinner, we’d bake some cookies.” She crossed over and smoothed a hand over both girls’ hair. “If it’s all right with you?”

It was definitely all right by him. When he dropped her off at Tom’s last night, they hadn’t set a time to see each other again until Saturday when they were all going out to Mini-Moose Point to cut down the Christmas tree. He had to work today and tonight the Skype-call with Elizabeth was scheduled. He’d had a long list of things he needed to ask his sister-in-law, and hopefully his brother. He hadn’t spoken to Bob in nearly a month. “Yeah. Sure.”

“Good.” She went up on her toes a little.

That attraction thing they had decided was not going to happen reared up. He could imagine himself, walking into this scene—with a baby cradled in a bouncy chair—gathering Darcy into his arms and planting a kiss on her full lips. A sampling of the dinner to come would be mingled with her sweetness. He could feast on her alone. Starting with the perfect ears she kept tucking a strand of hair behind. Then biting his way down her tanned neck and across her bare shoulders and lower…

He shifted his stance, feeling the effects below his belt caused by imagining Darcy wearing nothing but that apron. Naked.

His nieces were sitting right there.

Quickly, he retargeted his thoughts, glanced away from the gorgeous woman in front of him and cleared the desire from his throat. “I’m glad they’re getting their homework done. Tonight, at eight, they have their Skype appointment.”

The girls cheered. “We get to see Mommy and Daddy.”

“Oh,” Darcy said, “I didn’t know. Maybe we should do cookies another night.”

“No. We want cookies,” Jillian started the singsong, tapping her pencil on the tabletop, and Katy chimed in.

Dylan splayed his hand toward his nieces. “The queens of noise.”

“Okay.” Darcy, chuckling, threw her hands up in the air. “I’ll bake a few cookies now, since you’re busy doing your homework and then, if your uncle lets us, we’ll do a whole baking afternoon later this week.”

“Can we?” His nieces hopped on their seats.

“I do need someone to stay with the girls tomorrow night while I work at the lodge, if you’re free. My sitter’s mother called and Willa has come down with a sore throat. And, Mom and Dad are planning to go to that town meeting.”

“I’d love to.”

“Great.” He smiled down at her, mesmerized by her beauty.

¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨)✮ (¸.•´✶

*´¨✫) ¸.•´*~`

Elise's A&P Cut Outs

What you'll need:

2 cups sugar
1 cup softened butter
2 large eggs
1Tlb vanilla
1 Tlb milk
1 Teas. Baking Soda
1 Teas. Cream of Tartar
3 1/2 cups of flour

What to do:

1) Cream sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla, and milk together.

2) Then sprinkle in Baking Soda and Cream of Tartar and blend well.

3) Slowly add flour.

4) Wrap dough in wax paper and refrigerate at least one hour. (I make up batches days ahead before baking. But hid it well. The kids love it.)

5) When ready to bake, sit dough out at room temp for about twenty minutes. Then in portions, roll out (about 1/2 inch thick), cut out, place on baking sheet and decorate.

6) Bake at 350 degrees for about 7 to 10 minutes, depending on how dark you want them.

7) Remove from oven and place on cooling rack.

8) Enjoy!

Santa always had cut outs of children's hands. Now he gets the cut outs of my grandchildrens' hands.
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Writing Through The Holidays

Small Business: Writing Through The Holidays (Posted first at Ruby Slippered Sisterhood November 2016)

If you Google writing through the holidays, you’re going to find dozens of articles written on the subject, including a great one dated last December by our own Ruby Sister Addison Fox. Many authors offer the same advice, and I’m going to bring up the same points too later, because they’re good advice. However, today, and for your sanity and mine, I want to approach the subject a little differently.

If you look at my post title, you’ll note the first two words. Got them? Good. Unless you’re writing to stick your work in a drawer only to be found upon your demise by a nephew or niece who you didn’t hold close to your heart and who will probably either burn your bloodwork or see the wonder in it and use your work to start their own writing career, then you need to think of yourself as a small business owner. And as we all know small business owners have a lot to do during any holiday in order to remain competitive with the ‘Big boys, girls, sellers, box-stores or A’. You pick the noun. So let’s think of our self’s as small businesses during this holiday season and beyond.

The first thing every SB owner does every single day is take care of the foundation their business. You are the foundation of your business. You need to take care of you. You need to eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise (yes running through the mall counts), get the right amount of restful sleep that is good for you and most importantly don’t add stress on yourself. How can do you do that during the most stressful time of the year? Please, read on.images6

I’m going to throw some keywords at you; the first already was tossed, care. The second is flexibility. Writers are creatures of habit. But remember we’re also small business owners. As a business person you need to be flexible every single day. Every single minute of every single day. The world is ever changing and it affects you and your business constantly. If you go into this holiday by setting non flexible goals (More on this later) and your kids get sick, or the car breaks down, or your boss at your ‘real job’ demands that you get a new must-have report done by Christmas Eve, you will be adding a ton of stress on yourself. Setting a non-flex goal in the month of November is one of the reasons I’ve never done Nano. Stress, leads to guilt, which leads to depression. We don’t want to go there. Flexible is a key word.
Self-awareness is the next key word. What is your regular writing schedule? Do you write every single day? Do you take time off on the weekends? Do you write when you can? Which of these scenarios is the most flexible? Right. The write when you can. If you can write every day, but now find that during the holiday festivities you can’t, you will feel stressed. Stress is bad. Be flexible. Flexible is good.

Don’t try to do a 360° turn with your writing habits in the eleventh hour, trying to accomplish what you haven’t done already. It doesn’t work. Change of habits needs to be done over time, and there is no time of year when our desire to change is greater than right now. Plan your change.

Realization is the next key word. If you had a goal to have a project done by December 31 and you haven’t put the effort into it by now, well, that boat has sailed. Small business owners think months ahead, even years. Because the calendar will flip and your project isn’t done doesn’t mean the world is going to end. It means you will complete it in 2017 with the enthusiasm and the focus that it deserves. Flexible.

Now, I want to prove something to you. During this busy holiday season, you can accomplish a lot of things that benefit your small business by following my advice below.

images1If you write for publication, there is so much that needs to be done, whether you’re an indie author or a traditional pubbed author or a freelance writer. Grab a calendar; one that has the month in blocks. During the day or at the end of every single day, write down what you did relating to your business. I do this every day. It’s my record for the IRS that I am working my business. Here are examples of things I might get done any given day. Email, social media, word count achieved, number of pages edited, articles or blogs written, articles or blogs posted and or commented on, ad copy worked on, design ads, place ads, worked on a plot, talk or meet with critique partners, agent or editor. Trips to office supply store or post office. Time spent researching. Time spent reading craft books or industry blogs (like the Ruby Sisterhood). Write everything down. Now, look at what you have accomplished. How can there be guilt?

If you’re like me, you can’t take days off during a project. Maybe a day or two, but weeks? No. I need to stay grounded in my project. Does that mean I need to write fresh pages every day? No it does not. Simply writing a page a day, or editing a scene or layering a character will keep your muse alive and you’ll be working toward the end of a polished wip.

Here are the little tidbits of advice I mentioned at the top of this blog. The ones that will help you move forward during the busiest of times.
1.Set the goal of I will work my business every day. Notice I didn’t say write every day. Be flexible.
2.Write first (get up early), write last (after everyone else has gone to bed), or in between with a notebook if need be.
3.Set a timer for twenty minutes and write nonstop.
4.I sit my laptop on my kitchen counter while cooking dinner and I try to get an extra page written or edited before the meal is ready to plate. In fact, I write, standing more and more. I find walking around helps me think in between lines.
5.Join an on-line group and sprint. On Twitter, I think, you can always find someone to sprint with by using a specific hashtag. I think it’s #1k1hr. If anyone knows for sure, please place in comments. (And remember the Rubies Winter Writing Fest Begins mid-January. Very productive and tons of fun!)
6.Not working on story at the moment? Just be creative. Write a blog, article, poem, or short story. Hey, those writings can come in handy later for to use as promo when you’re on deadline.
7.If it’s hard to write at home, get away. Pack a Go-bag now (pen, pencils, notebook, snacks, bottled water, and a little cash) and store the bag in your car. Anytime you slip out the door to run an errand take a few minutes to yourself while gone and write. Heck you could say you’re going to the garage to clean out the car and just sit in your car and write.
8.Take a walk and dictate a scene. (Just get out of your comfort zone and use a different method to producing words)
9.Too noisy with all the kids at home, invest in earplugs. Listening to an audiobook is also work.
10.Set up a mini-writing retreat with some writer friends for an afternoon, but be prepared to give your spouse some alone time too.
11.Journal. The end of the year is all about change. People watch. Note changes in people and how they interact with others as the month ends.
12.This is the season that your senses can go on overload. There are so many sights, sounds, and scents to take in. And the food and drinks. And the feel of the weather, the gifts and the hugs. Ruby Anne Marie brought up in her recent blog how hugs can be different. Made me think. Take note for future works.

By not letting our passion take a second chair to non-essential chores, we’ll feel less anxious, more balanced, and much happier. Start 2017 positive by taking care of you and your small business now.

If you have words of advice on writing through the holidays, please share. What works for you might work for someone else.

Autumn Jordon is an award-winning, sneaker wearing Ruby. She is the author of seven published novels, including a fun, contemporary holiday romance titled Perfect.

The holidays are never perfect. However, what happens during the holidays can inspire a perfect love. Christmas romance at its best! Amazon Reviewers

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Voted The Best Cookie Ever

Happy Holidays and welcome to my blog.

Each year I’m determined to try a few new recipes and make a batch of cookies that will WOW my family and each year the cookies that disappear first are the ones my children have always love. The ones they, their cousins and the neighborhood gang always helped me make. The dough that I had to hide deep within the vegetable crisper, under the Brussels sprouts, because if found they would munch and munch and I would need to mix another batch and then stand guard.

The recipe has been handed down for generations. In fact, my recipe card was written by my grandmother nearly forty years ago. One day, I’ll pass the card on to my oldest granddaughter.

It’s a simple rolled sugar cookie. Perfect for adding your own personal artist touch. Perfect with a hot mug of coffee or tea. Perfect for Santa.

Grandme Elsie’s A-peas

2 cups of sugar
1 cup butter softened
2 large eggs
1 Tlb of vanilla
1 Tlb of milk
1teas. of baking soda
1 teas. of cream of tartar
3 ½ cups of flour


Mix all dry ingredients and set aside.
Cream together butter and sugar.
Add eggs and milk to butter and sugar and mix well.
Slowly add dry ingredients to creamed mixture and mix.
The mixture will be a little crumply when all combined.
Turned mixture out onto a sheet or wax or parchment paper. Wrap tightly and refrigerate for at least two hours. (I always make the dough the day before. I think the favors are enhanced by doing so.)

Set out dough to warm a little before dividing it into four equal amounts.

Then on a floured surface, press balls flat and roll out

into an approximate ¼ inch thickness. A little thicker dough will make a softer cookie while thinner dough will make a cruncher cookies. Everyone has a different preference. Using cookie cutters, cut out the shapes. The scrapes can be rerolled again.

Place cookies on cookie tray. Decorate with colored sugar and bake at 350° for approximately 10 minutes. Place on rack and let cool.

My little ones always trace their hands and decorate with their initials as gift to Santa.

Enjoy while putting your feet up and reading a PERFECT holiday story.

PERFECT, a heart-warming holiday read.

Dylan Kincaid totally screwed up Thanksgiving and now he’s faced with Christmas. Thrown into the frightening role of both mother and father while his brother and sister-in-law are off serving their country, all Dylan wants is to make Christmas perfect for his two nieces. But time is running out.
Down on her luck Charleston, S.C. restaurateur, Darcy Witherspoon is licking a wounded ego when she arrives in Black Moose, VT and meets the handsome Maple tree farmer. Wanting a happy holiday herself, she teams up with Dylan to make a perfect Christmas.
Neither is interested in a holiday affair, but the magic of Christmas has something more everlasting in store for the couple. An absolutely perfect love!

AMAZON BUY LINK click here.

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Holiday Suspense

Christmas is only a week away.

At the insistence of his best-friend, Marine Cole Hanson returns to Mountain Pine, Pennsylvania for the holiday celebration. While he is not looking forward to facing the woman who broke his heart and has haunted his dreams, a small part of him hopes part of their past can be erased and they could start their relationship a new. When he sees Gina trembling in handcuffs, accused of murder, he steps up as her alibi, but can he keep her safe from the real killer.

One minute, Gina is planning the perfect holiday with her new boyfriend and the next she is in handcuffs and facing murder charges. Just when she thinks she’ll spend Christmas in jail, she looks up into the eyes that once had promised to love her forever. Cole. The memory of how he’d crushed her heart, keeps her from jumping into his arms until the truth of their past is revealed.

But, is it too late for them? A killer is determined to make Gina his next victim.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Often we overlook the good things in our lives, paying too much attention to our problems. Thanksgiving is the time to focus on our blessings, rejoice in them, and share them. It's a day to enjoy the family and friends that make our lives worthwhile.

I'm thankful for your support in making my dreams come true and want to wish a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2016

What If

Where in the world do you get your ideas? That is the number one question I get from readers. My answer is simple. Life.

If you’ve read any of my published works, you’re probably saying yeah right. That really happened to you? My answer is, “Well, not all of it, but the catalyst for the story really did happen to me, or to someone close to me.”

Example, in ‘Obsessed By WildFire’ the heroine is a barrel racer. I was a barrel racer and have a few ribbons to prove it. My family’s barn burned at the hands of an arson. These memories among others were the sparks for the story.

In ‘His Witness to Evil, a tractor-trailer is stolen. My family is and has been in the trucking industry going on seventy years. I remember going with my father to the New York City Markets as a young girl and seeing the drivers sleeping in their cabs with their feet hanging out the window. Very few trucks had bunks then. You wouldn’t take a child into the markets today and you certainly wouldn’t sleep with your windows open. Heists occur.

‘In The Presence Of Evil’ deals with bank wire transfers being intercepted and sent to criminal accounts. Yes. It happened. How? It’s in the hands of the FBI to find out. Today, criminals don’t need to pick your home’s lock in order to rob you.

Catalysts for stories are everywhere and all I need to do is ask what if and my imagination takes off. It's as simple as that.

I haven’t shared info or an excerpt for Obsessed By Wildfire in a while, so here you go. OBW is a fun, sexy, contemporary with just a bit of suspense set in the heart of Texas. If you'd like a free digital download of Obsessed By Wildfire just join my newsletter.



Isobel Trinidad is her own woman. She vows no man will rope her into the humdrum life of a housewife and take away her dreams of becoming the National Barrel Champion like her father had done to her mother. Her mind is set, until a handsome Yankee comes to town and upsets everything she has believed.

Arson brings State Fire Marshal Warner Keyson to Mule Post, but a wildfire of a woman stops him in his tracks. Intrigued by Issy’s fire, he contrives ways to keep her close while conducting his investigation. What they create, which neither of them bargained for, is the blaze of a lifetime.

Chapter One of 'Obsessed By Wildfire'

The sun had set.

Mini dust tornados swirled off the tires of Isobel Trinidad’s seen-better-days Chevy pickup. She maneuvered through the Blue Bug Saloon’s crammed lot at a less than safe speed, nearly taking the fender off of Suzie’s prized classic Mustang. Suz would scalp her next time she went into the Hair Crazy Salon to get the dead ends trimmed from her waist length hair. And she was partial to her raven locks.

A couple of orange cones flew as she reached her destination and slammed on the brakes. The pickup skidded to a stop in the no parking area in front of the double doors. She jammed her truck into park and shouldered the door open before the four-by-four’s engine stopped its final whine.

The neon light above the Blue Bug’s entry turned her white tank top a beautiful, light shade of sapphire and glazed her bare arms with an indigo tint.
Why hadn’t Chicky used blue? Blue was comforting. But no, he’d used gut-wrenching yellow. The town’s handyman knew she hated yellow. Why he’d even helped her spray paint her yellow taxi purple. The man didn’t listen. She hated men who thought they knew what was best for a woman when they had no clue.

Chicky left her no choice. She had to kill him.

She reached over the side of the truck, into the bed, and grabbed her lunge whip. It was the Thursday night before a holiday weekend and Mule Post’s hot spot was packed. Did she care? No. It just meant there would be a whole herd of witnesses to watch Chicky cower his way back to her spread and fix what he’d done while she’d been off checking out a promising two-year old stallion.

Her fingers curled around the leather strap in her hand. In the morning, she wanted to walk out on her front porch—the one that still needed a dozen or so floorboards replaced—look out over the hundred fifty-seven point eight acres she’d inherited from her Gran, sip her morning cup of tea and see anything but yellow wood siding. There still was no promise of rain in the forecast and a brilliant full moon hung over Mule Post. Chicky could paint in the dark.

White would be good.

She kicked up small puffs of dust as she rounded the truck’s front end.
Prickly pear green would be good.

“You know, you should be more careful.”

The late-night-radio voice stopped Isobel’s right heel from stomping the Blue Bug’s step. She turned. If it wasn’t for the fact her blood pressure was already at a dangerous level, it would’ve shot there staring into the cornflower blue eyes of this stranger. He was a good six inches taller than her five foot eight, broad at the shoulders and chest, trim at the waist and hips and from what she could tell by the stretch of his jeans, his package was where he got the gumption to face off with her while she was in a hellish ass-kicking mood.

There was no doubt he was a Yankee. He wore sneakers. No Texan would wear running shoes to go dancing. And his scent wasn’t leather, hay or old horse. She lifted her chin a notch, just a little, to let him know what he was about to take on. “Who are you?”

“Warner Keyson. You?” He folded his arms across his chest. His muscles bulged from beneath the rolled back sleeves of his white dress shirt. She’d seen bigger forearms—on a few NFL players.

“Isobel Trinidad.”

“Well, Ms. Trinidad, you could’ve caused some damage or killed someone the way you barreled in here.”

“The last time I heard, Raleigh was Mule Post’s chief and you’re not one of his officers. Besides everyone’s inside.”

“There could be a couple or two in the backseat of those cars. You know, enjoying the night.”

Warner Keyson’s warm caramel gaze drifted over her and Isobel’s legs buckled a degree before she roped off her reaction. Refusing to look away, she wrestled the urge to step closer and touch the cute dark lock that curled behind Mr. Keyson’s right ear. “Were you peeking in windows?”

“Nah, not peeking.” His full lips pulled up the tiniest bit.

Looking pass him, she scanned the cars. Had he been in the backseat of one of them? Had one of the local girls already run him down and claimed him?

“So what do you have in mind with that whip?” He broke her musing.

“Whip?” She’d forgotten she still had it in her grasp, and the reason why.
Chicky. Her fire to kill the devil with a paintbrush had taken a new direction. This blaze was much more alluring, but she had a ton and half of chores to do this weekend, starting with thrashing Chicky. She couldn’t be distracted by a weekend fling, not this weekend.

“I’m going to use it on a man who doesn’t listen. So if you don’t mind—”

He chuckled. “Not at all. You’ve got business to tend to and so do I.”

He took a step back and Isobel’s psyche tickled with disappointment. Was his business a half-naked woman waiting in his car? Longing for his strong arms to pull her close, feel his large hands travel over her body and help to unwrap his package?

“Goodnight, Isobel Trinidad.”

He’d said her name again, like he meant to remember it.

The Yankee smiled, turned and walked back through the dozens of cars. He had a damn fine flank side.

What brought Warner Keyson to Mule Post? Certainly wasn’t the rodeo. There wasn’t a bit of hayseed scent about the man.

Please note all material on this site is copyright protected by Autumn Jordon.

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Perfect by Autumn Jordon


by Autumn Jordon

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

.99 Sale

A handsome US Marshal held her heart, but a monster held her life.

Seized By Darkness

Will's hands landed on her shoulders and suddenly she found herself facing him. Through her thin shirt her skin warmed under his touch.

His brow lined with furrows while he studied her.

“You’re not nothing. You’re a strong, brave woman who has put her life on the line not only to save herself, but her son and Susie and hundreds of others. If your parents were here, they’d tell you how proud they are of you.”

Her laughter sounded evil to her own ears. “Proud that I was made to be a whore.”

Will’s skin flushed with crimson anger and his fingers bit into her skin as he shook her. “You’re not a whore. You never were. I don’t want to hear you call yourself that again. Do you understand, Nicole?”

Staring into the depths of his rage, she swallowed. Will truly understood her torment.
She looked down, blinked back the hot tears welling up inside her, and nodded.

Will’s grip relaxed and his hands slid over her shoulders to her back. He held her in place and stepped closer. The feel of his body meeting hers, chest to chest, thigh to thigh, sent Nicole’s pulse racing.

He was just comforting her she thought. Will didn’t love her. She’d be a fool to think he ever could.

With her head against his chest, she closed her eyes and listened to the rhythm of his heart. She recorded the feel of his hard muscles and the way his breath felt against her hair. She inhaled the mixed floral scent of the fabric softener he used and his spicy cologne. A smile tucked at her lips.

Oh, how she wished there could be something more between them. A wild thought popped to mind. A night together? One she could remember and cherish in the years to come while she slept alone.

No. That had to be the worst idea she’d ever had. While her body would thank her a hundred times over, her heart couldn’t take the rejection that unquestionably would happen in the moments after. Somewhere over the last two months, she had fallen for Will and loving him was a mistake.

She leaned into him. One more minute of bliss and then she’d let him go.

Will’s massage replaced the tension in her back muscles with tender comfort and sent hopeful tingles up her spine, acknowledging that a bond had formed between them.
He sighed against her head. “You know, this isn’t the best idea.”
Nicole braced herself against the ache surrounding her heart. Either Will knew how she felt about him and didn’t feel the same way or he also knew there was no future between them.

“You’re probably right.” Sighing, she pulled back and was captured by the storm in his eyes.

Will’s gaze dropped to her lips and just like hers, his heartbeat went wild under her palm. Afraid she’d miss the moment, she didn’t blink.

“Oh, hell.” Will lowered his head and his tender lips brushed across hers.

Seized By Darkness (digital copy) is on sale for only .99 November 2 and 3, 2016 only at Amazon. Grab your copy tonight and fall in love with a man who truly cares.


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Trick or treat

Bawwww... I love Halloween and that is why I jumped on a blog hop with some of my Ruby Slippered Sisterhood ladies. Were giving away prizes, so hop over to the site and learn the details.

Is there a treat or a trick at my link? The only way to find out is to click on the link that will take you to my Facebook fan page.

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Seized By Darkness by Autumn Jordon

Seized By Darkness

by Autumn Jordon

Giveaway ends October 22, 2016.

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It's So Good You'll Want A Signed Copy

On September 6th, I'm giving away FIVE autographed copies of my newest mystery, thriller romance, OBSESSED BY DARKNESS, on Goodreads. It's already has great reviews. Jump over to Goodreads and enter today. Also, don't forget to follow me there and on Amazon.

Here's what it's about.

Three dead students bring Chase Hunter and Jolene Martinez, the youngest members of the elite U.S. Marshal C.U. F. F. Team, to a college where a new drug is sweeping the campus. Their job is to find the drug ring and take it down.

Chase’s own demons surface and he fights to determine when to trust his gut and when to obey orders, especially when it comes to their number one person of interest, the studious, pretty Emma Lewis.

Chemistry graduate student Emma Lewis’s roller coaster ride begins when she discovers a fellow student dead, inciting the police to probe every aspect of her life. When new student Chase Hunter arrives on campus, he quickly becomes her emotional rock and Emma finds herself falling for him- until she learns his interest in her was all a lie.

A murderer’s plans change as the heat on campus rises and Emma becomes the target of the psychopath. When she goes missing, will Chase find her in time?

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Booksellers Wouldn’t Know Where To Shelf It

The days writing to the shelves are dwindling. More and more authors are writing outside the perimeters that New York publishers required. A book like Obsessed By Darkness probably would never be bought by them (thus why I am an indie author), simply because their marketing department would not know how to market it to booksellers and, if those booksellers took it on, they would have an equally hard time trying to decide which section they should shelf Obsessed by Darkness. Is it a mystery? Is it a pyscho-thriller? Is it a romantic suspense? I think Obsessed By Darkness has the elements of all three which make it a very different read— a story that satisfies readers on many levels.

But you be the judge.

Three college students are dead. By whose hand is the question. An elite U.S. Marshal team goes uncover on a college campus to locate a drug operation and unearths a psychopath’s murderous plot.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

SALE First Time Ever

If you haven't read Seized By Darkness yet, now is the time to grab a copy of this KINDLE Best Indie Romance Finalist. Seized By Darkness is on sale right now, today August 16 through August 18 for only .99. You will love , Nicole and Will in this edge of your seat romantic suspense.

Here are what some readers had to say after reading SEIZED BY DARKNESS:

Cindy O: Autumn Jordon has written another edge of your seat thriller. You are on a rollercoaster of a ride from the opening scene to the last.

Lin: I was totally hooked by this author. My only wish is that she had added another chapter revealing more of Nicole's parents and family acceptance of Luka and fulfilling her dream of one day returning home and finding clarity and total acceptance in her new love. Hopefully with the love of parents, Will and friends she will come to a peaceful time and watch Luka grow into a wonderful person.

I was engaged Kindle Customer: The heroine had the strength and courage to save not only herself but others. She has sacrificed so much but feels the guilt for other's actions. The hero helps her through this and comes to love her strengthens and courage. Very well written.

Becky: The characters are so real and well defined. It's a real page turner.

The reviews go on.

Tap this link and grab your copy today.


Saturday, August 13, 2016


Yup. I meant to write that. Friday is still a work day, but Saturday there is no alarm. I can stretch and even read a little before jumping out of bed if I want. Even my dog gets it.

BTW This is me getting kisses from my baby moose.

It's Saturday and you need something to read. Guess what you can get Obsessed By Wildfire
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Obsessed by Wildfire is a romantic mystery-suspense with fun, quirky characters. They will make you chuckle and we all need to do that. And Warner is so yummy. He's a fire investor and he sure makes Issy hot. To read more about it tap here. Download it now and enjoy.

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Friday, August 12, 2016


Mystery. Pyscho-thriller. Romantic Elements. Obsessed By Darkness has it all.

The second book in the C.U.F.F. series which are written as STANDALONE novels has a different twist. Check it out today.

Chase Hunter, the youngest member of the elite U.S. Marshal C.U. F. F. Team, heads an operation on a college campus where a new drug is sweeping the campus and has caused multiple deaths. Chase’s own demons surface and he fights to determine when to trust his gut and when to obey orders, especially when it comes to their number one person of interest, the studious, pretty Emma Lewis.

Chemistry graduate student Emma Lewis’s roller coaster ride begins when she discovers a fellow student dead, inciting the police to probe every aspect of her life. When new student Chase Hunter arrives on campus, he quickly becomes her emotional rock and Emma finds herself falling for him- until she learns his interest in her was all a lie.

A murderer’s plans change as the heat on campus rises and Emma becomes the target of the psychopath. When she goes missing, will Chase find her in time?